Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Fiction Week — "Further Crimes of the Jews"


     This was written after reading one too many of the anti-Semitic form letters that used to flood the newspaper.  It struck me that, crazy as the various fantasies were, they also betray a dull sameness; always the same handful of old plots and cliche conspiracies—running the banks, puppeteering the government, taking over the world. Exactly what they've been serving up for 50, 100, 500 years. It's just boring. I wondered why haters, when concocting their slanders, couldn't ever stretch their tiny little minds and accuse Jews of something fresh and interesting? As a change of pace. Such people also can exhibit a jarring folksiness at complete odds with their poisonous messages. 

            Further Crimes of the Jews

Dear White Racial Friend:

     Thank you for your continued support of Thundering Liberty magazine. The fall issue was our biggest yet: While I'm sure everyone is busy preparing for the Conference of White Aryan Nations in Demopolis, Alabama (Nov. 6-8. See you there!) it is my solemn duty to present to you this timely new series of compelling pamphlets about important and overlooked subjects. 
     Many friends have asked me: Why a new series now? Well, it has come to my attention that while TruthKrieg Press and other brave publishers have been vigilant in exposing the hidden crime of insidious Jewish control over the U.S. government, the media, banking, all retail trades, telecommunications, the United Nations and such, casting the harsh light of truth on the international plutocrats who dictate the minutest details of our daily lives, the enormity of that conspiracy has only served to mask other equally serious and vital truths and allowed them to escape detection.
     Until now!!!
     This new series, Further Crimes of the Jews, explores the horrifying range and chilling depth of the entrenched lies, exposing bold new truths which every thinking white person will want to know about. It represents the culmination of years of research by myself and my family (Claire and the kids say hello, by the by. Rudy starts the 9th grade this year, and Mike is just finishing forestry school. Where does the time go?) We've been working round the clock to get these pamphlets ready in addition to our many other duties, and of course the web site, but felt the absolute urgency of the material demanded no less of us.
     Hot off the presses are:

     No. 1: The Pity Mongers—How Jews Created Anti-Semitism. Startling facts, disinterred from sealed Soviet archives, illustrate systematic way 19th century Russian Jews invented anti-Semitism to make neighbors "feel bad," then forced it upon a protesting, kind-hearted world. Story of Malyensk, the village that pogrommed itself. With testimony from handwriting experts. 42 pages. $1.75.

     No 2: Strike Three—The Jewish War Against Baseball. Documentary proof that Jewish owners/vendors have systematically tried to destroy national pastime as another way of softening up country for eventual takeover. Details of how the athletic performance of childhood heroes is sapped by diabolical rays disguised as "lights." 70 pages. With diagrams and maps. $1.50.

     No. 3: Louis Farrakhan—Jewish Stooge. Undeniable evidence that Farrakhan, apparent foe of the Jews, is actually in employ of international cosmopoles, who use him as a smokescreen to cover up vast Jew/Black Conspiracy of Blood Unity, where Jewish money funds black efforts to unweave social fabric through drugs/rap music/Oprah. 45 pages. Color cover. $2.50.

     No. 4: Banz-Oy! The Jews and Pearl Harbor. Suppressed historical records show that "Lost Tribe" of Israel settled Japanese islands in year 941 A.D. with express purpose of attacking United States by surprise exactly 1,000 years later. Responsibility for WWII, decline of the American automobile industry, karaoke, Hello Kitty, firmly established. 24 pages. $1.
     No. 5: Initials of Death. Scientific data shows that many foodstuffs sold in supermarket chains are contaminated with undetectable traces of poison as set out in Talmud (secret Jewish plan for world control). Jews know to avoid fatal foods marked by "U" or "K" masonic symbols hidden discreetly on labels. 39 pages. With photos. $2.25.

     No. 6: The Other Lies. Convincing sources reveal that much of "history" is fabrication of Jewish textbook cartel, designed to instill guilt, diminish patriotism   and twist national consciousness into Jewish view. Slavery, rumors of poor treatment of American Indians, Vietnam War outcome, Sept. 11 "attacks" exposed as pernicious myths. Depositions of expert witnesses included in appendix. Plus time line. 118 pages. $3.

     I think you will agree that this important information must be understood by all aware Americans. Please help spread the truth. order all six pamphlets today for just $10 (a $12 value!) Organizations ordering in bulk receive a 15 percent volume discount. (Please send request on letterhead). 
     All of these new pamphlets, and of course the previous issues, plus thousands of thought-provoking books, magazines and audiotapes are all available at my Liberty Bell Bookstore in Dearborn, Michigan as well as at the Hammer of Truth Book Store and Coffee house in Cicero, Illinois and the Clarion Call of Liberty's True Duty Gallery in Parma, Ohio.
     On to other news.
    I also will be holding a seminar at November's conference, "Spreading the Truth." In it you will learn how to produce and distribute the truths gleans from your own research —handy tips such as eliminating margins to pack in more truth, creative use of punctuation and underlining and capitalization to convey excitement of dramatic truths, and prime locations such as bus station restrooms to place materials for maximum exposure, plus of course our special friend, the Internet. Cost is $45, and you should sign up now because space is limited.
     The new series, as well as much of the old material, will of course be on sale during the conference as well. Look for me at booth No. 237 on the upper deck of the North Concourse. See you there!
      Best wishes and Sieg Heil,

      Arthur M. Gaynes


  1. You have the wrong last name for the person sending out this one. It should have been:
    Arthur Butz
    Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois

  2. Becca,

    You have a very nasty and effective wit. Please remind me never to get on your bad side. Your comment was great.

    1. Neil must receive 50% of the credit as it was his giving his fictional writer the first name of "Arthur" that jogged my memory of that disgusting excuse for a tenured prof at NU.
      I'm also reminded that Edwin Black made a telling case in The Reader years ago for the removal of Butz under the moral turpitude clause that exists in tenured contracts, but NU has cravenly refused, probably as a sop to the few troglodytic anti-Semites still remaining that give it money.

  3. Neil,

    I spent more than a few years confronting online anti-semites especially when it came to the reality of the holocaust. It's just amazing how it has become so ingrained within many of them that they are just impervious to any kind of contrary evidence.

  4. Great post! It never ceases to amaze me that certain people can set aside a group of others as some kind of intrinsic evil, needed to be monitored and eliminated like the worst of diseases. Yet, these same people will cheerfully discuss mundane events, while blandly crucifying others in print and live events? "You're invited, please come and enjoy the canapés!"

  5. Love this! #2 "Strike Three" -- I always wondered why the Cubs finally agreed to install lights for night games. Now I know the true reason !! : )

  6. Just saw this-frightening and they sure are off base of things, especially Japanese islands. What paranoia. They must be desperate indeed for $ , these neo Nazi's and prey on the weak minded and bitter. Remember, they don't like immigrants and Catholics and non western euro types either. Even southern or eastern Euros wouldn't fit the bill for them, besides, blacks, Jews, Asians, etc.

  7. Like they kidded about on Seinfeld, the Jews invented astroturf, etc, nice satire on that program.

    NS , Are you a Seinfeld fan?

  8. I recall an article which movie critic Roeper wrote once about how some thought he was Jewish and wasn't and then mentioned some actors that were but few knew about it. Someone wrote a readers feedback on it later and I don't think they were happy with his topic.

  9. Banz-oy had me rolling on the floor in laughter.


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