Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     Of course I'm trying to stump you.
     And at first glance this very bare room seems difficult to place.
     Which is why I like it, for contest purposes.
     Yet at the same time.
     It so plainly manifests itself.
     That I imagine somebody will know exactly where in Chicago this study in bare brown ugliness is located.
     Where is this empty place, like a stage set from Beckett?
     The prize is one of my hard-to-get-ahold-of 2015 blog posters.
     Delivered in a custom-made cardboard tube.
     From my good friends at Chicago Mailing Tube.
     So take a good look at this antechamber from a Kafka story. 
     And no, the red streak isn't blood.
     At least I don't think it was blood.
     Although I tried not to look too closely.
     Remember to place your guesses below.
     Good luck. Have fun. 


  1. Good guess. But 26th and Cal isn't that ornate.

  2. The basement of the city morgue?

  3. 99th St Metra Station?
    B Donahue

  4. Does look like a Metra station.

  5. The Western Metra station shelter on the Milwaukee District North Line.

    1. Bingo, Melissa, you've got it exactly. A week ago Friday, to be precise. Email me your address at and I'll send you your poster on Monday. Congrats.

  6. On my computer, at least, the big picture atop the blog is different from the smaller picture directly atop the post. Seems unusual for the contest. Like one of those "point out the 6 differences in these two pictures" games. And here, while I'm at it, are 6 differences. The benches are metal in photo one, wood in the other. The angle is different. The wall is not grimy in the corner in the top photo. There is no red streak on the floor in the top photo. The radiators seem to be different, as are the windows. Two different Metra rooms, I suppose. At the same station? Certainly never would have guessed it, either way...

    1. Two views of opposite sides of the same room.

    2. Jakash, you need a hobby

    3. This IS his hobby

    4. Yeah, that was my Saturday fun on EGD. Sorry if it somehow diminished yours...

  7. Sorry, Jack, you show o/c tendencies.


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