Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     At first, it might seem that this Chicago electrical vault manhole cover is impossible to place. But if you are conversant in the esoteric language of Com-Ed service glyphs, you can easily determine exactly where this ...
     Kidding. Actually, the Saturday puzzle is being posted at 7 a.m. today, since I previously said that I would do it, as a favor for those who sleep in yet want a chance to crack the puzzle, then promptly forgot, provoking complaints. So all you night owls, apologies, but you'll have to check back in the morning for the actual Saturday Fun Activity. Get some sleep. 


  1. Except that's not a ComEd manhole cover. That's a City of Chicago lid, used for streetlights or traffic lights.
    My guess would be traffic lights, due to the markings going out in three different directions.

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  3. It's been two weeks since I posted a photo challenge, that has yet to be solved. I was going to provide a clue, but have been distracted by the Natural Resources Defense Council public service announcement, that has been on TV for the last few weeks. It seems there is so much pollution in Illinois, even though three hundred thousand children and infants are on respirators, incubators, and nebulizers, each breath is a rasping struggle for life. There was a time in Chicago's past when most buildings had coal boilers, and there was an array of coal fired power plants throughout the city, generating electricity. They all burned high sulfur coal from downstate Illinois. It was mined from coal seams between layers of soapstone and other tailings, containing arsenic and heavy metals. With no modern technology like high efficiency scrubbers that can remove the bulk of particulate matter and other pollutants, how is it possible any infant or child could survive the miasma of death that permeated the city? Worst of all they did not have a Man of Crisis like Senator Kirk to call upon. I put on my critical thinking cap, and give the propeller a whirl. D'oh, this structure played an important role in saving the infants and children of the past

  4. Bernie, you aren't the one who is supposed to be putting up photo challenges. And even so, what do you offer as a prize?

  5. so there's a twofer today on guesses?


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