Monday, April 11, 2016

There's a lot of that cult of personality thing going around

     Xi Jinping.
     Any idea what that means?
     Here, I’ll make it easier: A) Street slang for “Extreme Jumping,” the practice of leaping off tall buildings, cliffs, etc., in one of those flying squirrel suits while taking a video for YouTube
     B) Korean for “Sin Juniper,” a kind of gin made with radioactive juniper berries
     C) the president of the People’s Republic of China for the past three years
     Too easy, right? It’s “C,” though don’t feel bad if you guessed differently. We’re Americans, we can’t keep track with every detail in this big old globe of ours. I imagine a third of the country, if you asked them to name the leader of China, would say “Mao Zedong,” and he died in 1976.
     You’re certainly not alone.
     “I never heard of him,” Bill O’Reilly said on Fox News last September, after laboriously reading Xi’s name off a piece of paper. “I don’t know who he is.”

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  1. Which means that Trump’s decline will be bad news in China. But good news here.

    I disagree with Zhou Fengsuo, A Trump presidency, and to a lesser degree Sanders or other Republicans as president, would be bad news for the U.S. and China. If our diplomatic relations devolve into a trade war, there are no winners. At best one side may lose slightly less than the other. For this and other policy issues, the only suitable candidate for president seems to be Hillary.

  2. The Boston Globe made quite a splash with a fake front page full of stories about "President Trump" pursuing implementation of his rash campaign promises. In the, one hopes, unlikely, event of that ever comming about we might only wish for the very opposite of the outcome posed by John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester about his dear leader, the "Merry Monarch" and inventor of the spaniel.

    "We have a pretty, witty King,
    Whose words no man relies on.
    He never said a foolish thing,
    And never did a wise one."

    Tom Evans

  3. I knew that Xi Jinping wasn't A., because extreme jumping in squirrel suits is (or should be) called "trumping" nor B., as radioactive Sin Juniper is called "Hankook Sul Nook." Very tasty and invigorating, I'm told.


    1. Actually trumping occurs when the jumper miscalculates the landing, and goes splat.

  4. 한국 술 눅 to be exact.



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