Monday, July 26, 2021

Poop fairies won’t help, but this bag might

     Myble is a rescue and a sweetie, according to her owner, Barbara Radner. But like all dogs, the Chihuahua mix has her needs. When nature calls, the retired DePaul administrator escorts Myble from their home on the 33rd floor of a lakefront condo and down to the street to do her business.
     Heading out, Radner snags a WoofPack Dog Walking Accessory Bag. I learned of the product’s existence after my July 15 column about the non-reality of poop monitoring drones. Cook County is not searching for pet waste from the sky, but an Ohio company is selling a tote bag to put it in.
     “I just got tired of stuffing things into my pockets,” said Lisa Bast, who started her company, Waggin’ Trails, in 2017. “At times I was walking and didn’t have enough bags. Carrying bagged waste, cellphone, keys, treats. I wanted something all-in-one.”
     The bag is sold online and at dog shows.
     "When I saw it, I said, ‘Huh, that would solve several problems,’” said Radner, 76. “I’m going to get it.”
     I’ve been walking a dog for 11 years, and the plastic sheath from newspapers makes a perfect collection bag (try that, Apple News) which, knotted, I hold in one hand and do not think about until reaching the nearest trash receptacle.
     Why buy a $30 purse to put poo bags into?
     “It’s just designed perfectly,” Radner said. “There’s a little pocket for my cellphone and other stuff. A well-protected pocket for the poo bag, so your phone doesn’t smell like poop.”
     Bast had help perfecting the bag from the company manufacturing them.
     “It is very, very, very expensive to manufacture in the United States,” she said. “But I wanted it made here. I had it manufactured in Amish country, but the quality wasn’t there.”

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  1. Here's the best reason to pick up dog shit:
    Rats love it & eat it!

    1. Feed your dog warfarin and kill a few rats every day.

      I might take to pooping in the alley myself, if that really works.


  2. Great picture on the blog. Don't get that one in the hard copy newspaper.

  3. Love the picture as well. Looks like an overbaked, misshapen challah.
    Or maybe a bowel movement in the shape of a dog. Guess that makes more sense.

    1. A Chinese carving. That's why I picked it; it seemed to convey both aspects of the story.

  4. Two thoughts:
    The Dog-Walking Accessory Bag is striking (the red and beige colors). I would probably buy one just to use as a bag.
    The so-called "poop fairy" in that get-up looks somewhat crazed. Honestly, noticing him spying on me as I walked a dog would scare the bejesus out of me.

  5. I like carrying the poop-filled plastic bag after my dogs have "done their business". It acts as proof that I am a responsible neighbor. I also get to fantasize about flinging the filled poop bag at cars flying down my street at 75mph, or motorcycles with ridiculously loud exhausts, or vehicles with unbelievably loud sound systems and their windows open. Of course those remain just fantasies, and, to my great credit, in 15 years of poop carrying, I've never acted on it.


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