Thursday, October 13, 2022

"Naked and Sated"

     I haven't had the chance to put my Spain notes into any kind of coherent order yet. But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you this restaurant I trucked past in Madrid.
     A health food place, of course. 
     "Naked & Sated is based on real food, without fats, sugars or additives," the owners explain on their website. "We banished the idea that eating healthy and well would leave you hungry. You would be satiated; you would enjoy a delicious meal without worries, a value that later became our tag line: eat without regrets."
     I suspected it's a chain—too much money obviously went into their graphics for it to be a single restaurant—and it is, half a dozen locations in Spain, mostly Madrid, but one in Bilbao. 
     And yes, "naked" was intentional, and not some translation fluke.
     "We took advantage of the double meaning of the word Naked to undress our products in a series of photographs that added a rogue touch to the already daring proposal of dishes," their statement continued. "We made the restaurant menu an object of desire, a poster-size print that diners could take home."
     So the menus have arty prints on the back, such as a peeled banana, slightly pixelated, which I suspect is a wink at porn.
     The culture that spawned a TV show called "Naked and Afraid" (nine seasons on the Discovery Channel; this might very well be a kind of homage) is in no position to pass judgment on matters of taste. I thought it was funny and maybe a little tone deaf, though I'm obviously not the target audience here: too old, too American. Any observations would be welcome. 


  1. Assume they offer undressed salad dressings and in the raw vegetables. No doubt the pricing is anything but stripped down. Sorry, it's early.

  2. I spotted the sign on the sidewalk: "no sugar; no gluten; no additives." That and "naked and sated" is not pulling me in the door.



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