Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     A good restaurant blends food, atmosphere and service. A great restaurant will combine them in such a way that is uniquely its own, creating a vibe, a personality that no other place don't has. 
      Of all the thousands of eateries in Chicago, the place pictured above has something going on that no other restaurant has. Homey, yes. Good food, yes. And a staff like no other.
     Where is this? And what makes it so unique? 
     The winner will receive one of my dwindling stock of 2015 blog posters, which are going fast now that I've decided to plaster them up on walls, where they belong. A reader tweeted this photograph of a poster in the West Loop after a few weeks exposed to the elements, and it made me very happy. Get one before they're gone.
    Place your guesses below. Good luck. 


  1. Is it the Greenhouse Inn restaurant at Misericordia?

  2. That it is. Staffed by residents, with Down syndrome and other challenges. Well done. Email me your address at and I'll send you your poster. Congratulations.

  3. I was gonna guess Misericordia.

    Damn. Skunked again...


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