Monday, December 30, 2019

It was a very Trump year

     Another year done, almost. Whew. And what a busy year it has been, packed with newsworthy stuff, So without further ado, the top 100 news stories of 2019:
     1. Donald Trump impeached in the House for withholding military aide to Ukraine in an attempt to pressure its president to gin up dirt on a political rival.
     2. Donald Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania: “Our country is full. We don’t want people coming up here.”
     3. Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense resigned.
     4. Donald Trump abruptly left a NATO meeting after other world leaders laughed at him.
     5. Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Navy was fired over his objections to the president undercutting military discipline.
     6-99. More lies, resignations, slurs, boasts, all involving Donald Trump.
     Sure, other stuff happened. But even mentioning it seems beside the point.
     Do you get tired? Tired of the tramp tramp tramp of Trump Trump Trump? I know I do. His fans seem to love him. They are indignant that anyone could continually pay critical attention to the president of the United States.
     So the country is cleft in two: half entranced, half disgusted, both sides belligerent and baffled at each other. Can you imagine a simpler recipe for disaster? Sure, the economy is bright, now, but that’s like marveling at the pretty red glow when your house is burning down.
     Speaking of which, No. 100 ...
     But first, with the year ending, apologies and thanks. Apologies for so much focus on Washington — it seemed necessary — and thanks for bearing with me.
     For those who love Trump, yet still read this, when you gripe—“Why are you so hard on our beloved president? I hate you” — remember that your loving him is what lawyers call “inculpatory” — it incriminates you, round these parts.

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  1. Well stated as usual but I take issue with the “bright” economy. It is bright for the top fifteen percent or so so can afford to invest. The other 85% are no better off as the national debt continues to spiral out of control as does personal debt.
    Unemployment? Sure. Lots of people working. So many with more than one job just to make ends meet or at least not falling deeper in debt.
    There are no pluses to the Trump presidency.
    I still hang on to your Bee story. There still are wonderful things in this world. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Good luck on the next "Assignment". Look forward to your return.

  3. Not sure if I should applaud the choice of photo in today's column. With so many fittingly unflattering shots available, either you or your editor ran one that is as good as it gets for our Clown-in-Chief. Somewhere in items 6-99 has to be the latest hypocrisy. Outing the whistleblower, while continuing to hold tight to the secrets in his tax returns.

  4. Look forward to a year full of your columns and blogs. Don't waiver say it as it is in this world.

  5. Wishing you the best Neil... thanks for your work and Happy New Year.

  6. Best wishes for a successful surgery, and for a quick, painless as possible recovery. Thanks for another year of thoughtful, interesting, humorous, and insightful writings.

  7. And best wishes to us all. HEre's to any kind of peace in the new year.

  8. You sure do go the extra mile to get a great story. Good luck with your procedure. Happy New Year everyone, here's to seeing you in 2020!

  9. Great column; I'm with you 100% whenever you tear into Trump. Best of luck and good recovery wishes on the medical front.

  10. I got an Eli's Candy Cookie Crunch Sampler cheesecake in 2019 and it was absolutely delicious.

  11. Hope everything is good, will miss you. EGD is the first thing I read on twitter. And I did sign -up on fb. Trump is the worse thing that has happened to this country.


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