Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Why wasn’t the Capitol mob carrying guns?


Cheyenne drawing (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

     So here’s my question.
     And by “question,” I don’t mean rhetorical device designed to draw you into this column so I can take you by the hand and lead you toward some pat conclusion I’ve already formulated.
     No, by “question,” I mean a puzzlement that I’m genuinely curious about and don’t know the answer to. Something we can work out together and perhaps gain insight into this baffling world.
     Here goes:
     Why weren’t the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol last week armed?
     Isn’t that what all these guns are for? Shedding the blood of tyrants? Wresting freedom from a repressive state? And isn’t that, supposedly, exactly why the invaders were there? Because a free and fair election, the reelection of President Donald Trump, was being subverted?
     They could have carried guns. They certainly were prepared, with body armor and helmets and backpacks that no doubt contained water bottles and snacks. Zip ties. Rope to hang Nancy Pelosi.
     But nobody seems to have brought assault rifles. Something to give thanks for. As harsh as the images were, we didn’t see anybody brandishing weapons or firing shots.

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  1. You came up with four very plausible scenarios, Mr. S. But I vote for Door Number Two...2) Maybe the guns are coming.

    The FBI is nervous about that. As they should be.

    Apparently, these domestic terror cells had their siege in the planning stages since the election. Maybe even before. The Trumpsters (Trump gangsters) lost at the ballot box. Then in the recounts. Then in the courts. Then the results were certified in December. Quite a humiliating losing streak.

    Last Wednesday was their final at-bat. And their cult leader's as well. Over time, they've become more and more frustrated and have felt more and more "cheated." I'm sure there were more than a few concealed firearms in that mob. Still don't know why they weren't fired. One shot would have gotten them what they wanted...and deserved.

    There were "rallies" in D.C. (and elsewhere) in November that resulted in beatings and stabbings. Same thing a month later. But no guns were carried into the District, because the Trumpsters were clearly informed that open carry would lead to mass arrests and serious jail time. Maybe worse, if they resisted. They wised up...and listened. Or were they just Biden their time until January?

    Perhaps they even listened this time, and mostly left the guns at home, not only because they wanted to avoid arrest, but because they were crazily hoping and praying for a last-second miracle, like a walk-off homer or a Hail Mary touchdown pass. So was Sniffy. No dice. Mikey wouldn't co-operate. Sniffy lit the fuse...and the bomb went off. The poop hit the propeller.

    I think they may come back to D.C. armed because they just don't give a shit anymore. They are now at the point where they're eager and willing to kill, and to die, for their Lost Cause. And the troops and police they face are probably quite willing to accommodate them. One sniper, or some Jethro firing into the air, and that's all it will take. And most of America will not be all that sad or sorry.

    What should be of more concern are the possibilities of "minor skirmishes" in other parts of the country. Especially in some of our Midwestern state capitals. Like in Columbus, for instance. Wouldn't be the first time the Ohio National Guard gunned people down. Would I mourn this time? Hell, no.

    I think 2020 may have only been a drill for 2021, and I do expect "far worse." I predicted this kind of "insurrection" a decade ago, during the heyday of the Tea Party. I was hooted down and laughed at. I'm hearing a whole lot less laughter now.

  2. open carry is illegal in DC. concealed carry requires a local license of a registered weapon. security in DC around the president is unbelievably tight and they now how to do it right. huge rally being a constant thing with the man.

    there likely were some concealed handguns at the capital building . im sure a list of charges brought against the marauders is available.

    and the guns are coming . you can bet on it

  3. One Democrat in Congress says that several Re Thug Licon members gave the protestors tours of restricted areas of the Capitol in the days before the insurrection.
    The FBI is said to be investigating Congressmen Gosar & Biggs for this, among others.
    Gosar is the Arizona creep, who in 2018, had ads from all six of his siblings implore Arizonans to vote for his Democratic opponent, that's how rotten he is!

  4. It seemed the crowd was in three parts. About a thousand or so pressing close to the building with the larger number milling about at various distances, more observers in the end. Among the thousand were active aggressors pushing and fighting and a second tier that seemed willing to trespass but not assault any persons. My guess is most were smart enough to know that carrying a weapon would be a liability if arrested, and very few were willing to actually face return fire. It might be different next time if a more concentrated amalgam of hard core fools are assembled. Former FBI agent Frank Figliuzi said that even with the extensive training to restraint he received in the Bureau, had he been in the corridor where a desperate struggle unfolded, he would not have restrained himself.

  5. The lack of guns seems to be another item of evidence supporting the idea that the capitol police were involved perhaps at the planning stage with facilitating the assault.


  6. I think they weren’t sure what type of police presence there would be. As a result they left their weapons home, fearing they’d be confiscated. Some did bring pipe bombs that fortunately did not detonate.
    The whole world will be be watching this Tuesday. There will be more viewers than the Super Bowl.
    I wonder what the networks are charging for ad time?

  7. I suspect the most likely answer to the title question is the most mundane one: the mob had gathered for the President's outdoor rally, for which they almost certainly had to go through metal detectors. Once the knuckleheads had been revved up into advancing on the Capitol, they walked straight there as directed, without first running back to wherever it was they'd parked the Winnebago. Thus a lot of the weapons seen in the videos seem improvised from whatever large or heavy objects they could pick up and wave around.

  8. If the Drumpf Mob wasn't dangerous why was there a full length/full height glass barrier in front of the rally's stage where Cheetolini urged them on?

  9. Why whitewash the truth? There were rioters with weapons of all kinds: assault rifles, handguns, homemade bombs etc. The real question why didn't they use them to breech the "security".


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