Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Biden to spike ball here prior to touchdown

Dear President Biden:
      Crystal Lake? Well, OK. I suppose going there makes as much sense as going anyplace else. Your visit Wednesday — scheduled, of course, subject to change. At least I hope so. “Sorry, we can’t gather in the Situation Room. We’ve got to get the president to McHenry County ...”
     Yes, it doesn’t matter quite so much where anyone is anymore, in physical reality. Lots of us still work remotely. As if we don’t want to trouble ourselves with returning to the office, since we know COVID-19 is going to come raging back this autumn anyway, what with the extra contagious Delta variant and not enough people being vaccinated and those who are needing boosters. Will we have the gumption to slap our masks back on and start socially distancing again? Heck, we could barely manage it the first time. One million American deaths will be shrugged off as easily as 600,000 were. As I’ve said before, once you start ignoring reality, the specifics of the reality being ignored hardly matter.
     Speaking of which. Your forays out into the heartland have been dubbed the “America’s Back Together” tour. Really? Did “America’s More Fractured Than Ever” not poll well?
     Is this what coming back together looks like? Millions of Americans still sunk in their weird cargo cult, sitting cross-legged, palms raised, faces turned upward, scanning the skies for their lost orange master, filling the time by busily deforming and undercutting the American electoral process. So that next time their absent king can win despite getting millions of fewer votes, the way God intends him to.
     The Republicans have proven if you repeat a lie enough, it takes on the patina of reality. So yes, America’s back! And together! That’s like saying the Union and the Confederacy came together at Gettysburg. After a fashion.

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  1. From that postcard, you'd think there were nothing but churches in Crystal Lake.
    But it has a nice old downtown around the Metra Station, a little park & a bunch of old restored buildings around it.

  2. Crystal Lake may not have a velodrome but they do have a nice lake and more residents than Northbrook. A lot of their residents are nice and friendly.

    Biden’s visits are good because we were warned by idiots that if he was elected he would attack and destroy suburbs (before attacking God) but he goes to suburbs peacefully, proving them wrong.

  3. I'm old enough to remember the halycon days of late 2020, when Trump was urging vaccine development and fretting (rightly, as it turned out) that they wouldn't come fast enough to save his reelection.

    Maybe that accounts for the current GOP attitude. They resent the vaccines and the people who made, distribute and administer them because they're making Biden look good, so they must be bad.

    It must be nice to be an idiot with a binary worldview. You probably ask yourself many fewer questions.

  4. He’s infinitely better than his predecessor but he’s ignoring some key issues. No reason for him not to pick up where Obama left off in Cuba.
    What about health care? And on and on.

  5. I'm in Crystal Lake. Swing by. I'll buy you pizza AND ice cream.
    Also, yeah , it's weird.and super Red.
    I fight the good fight though.

  6. Just listened to Biden's speech on Channel 7. No bluster like the last guy, but lots of arguments and facts that should be compelling to suburban women voters otherwise mad because their soap opera was interrupted. He looks and sounds his age but, despite all the FOX News innuendo, is clearly not cognitive impaired.


    1. Wow, what a patronizing comment. Was that meant to be funny? I didn’t find it to be so, but then, I’m just a suburban woman.

      I think you meant “cognitively.”

  7. For over twenty years, the Crystal Lake Mickey D's had an old CTA 'L' car attached to it that was used as an extra dining area. When that location was demolished and rebuilt about fifteen years ago, in a different architectural style, the 'L' car was removed. I suppose the Illinois Railway Museum got it, either whole or in pieces.

    It was one of the CTA's 4000 Series rapid transit cars, from the early 1920s. They were used in Evanston Express Service as late as 1973. My first wife and I used to stop in Crystal Lake, on the way to and from her grandmother's place in Woodstock, so that I could eat inside that car. So cool!

  8. Here’s the scoop, Neil: Whether it be Haiti, Afghanistan or Chicago, presidents don’t travel to places under a state of siege. Optics aren’t good, neither is eating ice cream behind plywood storefronts. I hear he likes waffle cones.


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