Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The weather is good, but the news is bad

     Sometimes I forget what country I’m living in.
     What country we’re living in.
     Because like you, I’ve been ignoring the national political stuff lately. Why? Just tired of it, I guess. And distracted. Between the brief window of Thanksgiving — 28 people for dinner at our house — and the unexpected warm weather, there was fun to be had. It was just too dreary to turn away from local life, blink hard, lean in, squint, and take a good hard close look at the proceedings out in Washington.
     I’m sure I’m not alone here.
     But the past couple of days ... there’s the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection holding former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in criminal contempt for defying its subpoena. The panel’s releasing emails of various Fox News hosts urging Donald Trump to call off his mob.
     “Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home,” Fox News incendiary Laura Ingraham texted Meadows. “This is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy.”
     By “us” she didn’t mean the media. Nor did she mean Americans, generally. Ingraham meant die-hard Trump supporters like herself and Fox News. That night she led her newscast by suggesting that Antifa might be behind the insurrection.
     Even Donald Trump Jr. urged his father to do something.
     “We need an Oval address,” Donnie texted. “He has to lead now.”
     But Trump was leading. Leading a mob into the Capitol to overturn the election he lost by 7 million votes.
     So he stood by and smirked at the fire he set. When that didn’t work, he hammered the big lie of voter fraud. And most Republicans bought it.

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  1. While the grump and his minions remain a threat in our country I'd like to believe that we've proven that our democracy functions properly and that we voted his ass out.

    This gives me some faith that we won't allow him to be elected again.

    Were going to be stuck with his supreme Court nominations for some time but this is more a failing on the part of the Democrats than some great accomplishment by the orange one.

    Liberals and progressives need to be active participants in our Democratic process or we'll only have ourselves to blame if the Republicans regain power in the midterms or regain the presidency in 2024.

    There is certainly going to need to be a better candidate than Biden to make that happen.

    Any suggestions on who that might be?

    While I'm glad he was elected it certainly wasn't on the strength of his policies and effectiveness.

    He is after all responsible for things like the Patriot act and the failed war on terror which in my opinion is the greater threat to our liberties than Trump ever was.

    The Democrats need to figure out who's going to lead this party and hopefully it's someone that appeals to more than just progressives.

    I've no idea who that might be and a second run by Joe is bound to be unappealing to the majority of Americans.and could result in someone worse than thrump

    1. "greater threat to our liberties than Trump ever was"

      Not was. Is. Trump is still the greater threat, still working to overthrow our system of government, still a mesmerist who convinces people to believe in outright fantasies, still capable of turning our democracy into a fascist personality cult. He is the greatest conman in American history, a festering script of mental and emotional illness, a toxic narcissist with a bizarre inferiority complex, a man capable of destroying anyone and anything to be able to look in a mirror and see the fairest of them all.

      I thought the Founders put enough fail safe mechanisms in the Constitution to protect our Republic for all time. They didn't count on someone as malevolent and damaged as Trump.

      Historians won't define the Trump era. Psychologists will

    2. Exactly what safe mechanisms did the founders put into the Constitution?
      There aren't any!
      Or are you one of those who wrongly believe the Electoral College was designed to keep garbage like T**** out of the presidency?
      In fact, it was solely designed to give the then slave states additional power to elect the president & now those same states still have too much power to do that!

    3. I'm not sure why you are lecturing me, and why you are assuming that beliefs I didn't share are wrong - Where I come from that's called a logical fallacy. But I'm happy for you that you got to share your exclamatory insights regarding topics I didn't bring up.

    4. JFC, Handsome Joe hasn't even been POTUS for a year yet. All this Biden-bashing makes this Joe guy want to puke. Give him another year and then start thinking about '24. At the very least, give him until the '22 midterms, and then let's see what kind of bananas the talley man tallies.

      Joe is, and always has been, a left-of-center moderate or a liberal, depending on whose definitions you're listening to. And just WHO is waiting in the wings, in case the consensus is that Joe shouldn't run, or in case he decides NOT to run? Warren? Pete? Kamala? Some nobody we haven't even heard of yet? Bernie? AOC? Gimme a break!

      Those last two mentions were just throw-away snarks. They'd be catastrophic. If either of them somehow got the nod, Agolf Twitler...AKA Donaldo Trumpolini, AKA Il Douche...wouldn't need to run. He could walk back to the Oval Orifice. Or waddle. He's already been the worst President ever. If he regains the throne, he'll be the last one.

  2. Mr. S your column is spot on: frightening but true.

    Good points, FME.

  3. As of tonight, the weather is scary and the news is, too.


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