Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Suburban mystery

    The Chicago Botanic Garden is a 10 minute drive from our home in the leafy suburban paradise. A tremendous boon that I've written about here many times. Maybe too many, but you get what you pay for.
      It isn't the only stunning natural expanse we have at our disposal. There is one even closer that I seldom write about because ... well, I'm not sure why. The Trail through Time is itself a wonder, with fields of prairie grasses and large oaks, plus a soccer field and a playground and a large oval around a reservoir. It reminds me of the Valemount trail by my parents' old place in Boulder, except for the Techny Tower, looming in the background. If you haven't been inside, find a way — go to one of their occasional concerts. It's like a European cathedral.
     Friday, after an indulgent birthday dinner of a jumbo char kosher hot dog and fries from Little Louie's, eaten in the downtown park 
— more natural beauty — we walked off our sins on the trail. By the soccer field, I noticed this tree.
    "Is that a balloons?" my wife said.
    We decided it was a ball. Which raised the question of how it got there? A powerful but misdirected kick? An intentional insertion? Did a kid climb the tree? It's really far in there.
     "If I were a kid, I'd be throwing baseballs at that until it came down," my wife said.
     Kids nowadays, no initiative.
     Or heck, maybe they had, maybe an hour had been dedicated trying to get the thing down. Failed attempts to climb the trail. Baseballs thrown in vain. We'll never know. We dedicated less than a minute to the question before moving on. 


  1. I'm thinking they swore a little and whined a little, after a mighty but errant kick. Didn't even try to retrieve it. Just shrugged and walked away. Children of affluence know that a problem can always be solved by throwing money at it. Mommy and Daddy will surely buy them a new one.

  2. OOPS...almost forgot. My bad. A belated happy birthday, Mister S...

    1. What, Neil shares a Flag Day B-day with that rotten orange former guy, traitor & seditionist?

    2. Read it again...it says belated. His "indulgent birthday dinner" was on Friday, June 10th.

    3. No worries. I meant to jump on here and set matters straight, but wasn't able to — I've been under the weather the past couple days. Today's is the rare post that I conceived this morning; I usually don't go to bed without one chambered up and ready to go.


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