Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Push back against the world’s woes

     Scary times, these. If you’re not terrified, you’re not paying attention. With wars in Ukraine and Gaza — the latter on pause, for now, but that will change, and either could easily explode into a greater conflagration — and thousands of migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees flowing into a Chicago still wobbly from COVID-19, there’s a line around the block of Big Frightening Problems to worry about. Did I mention the real chance of democracy dying in America next year? Or that the world is on fire? Those too.
     But fear is not a success strategy. You don’t solve problems by fretting about them. You solve them by doing something. Tuesday was Giving Tuesday, an online effort to get people to pause from fire-hosing their money at streaming services and sports betting apps and direct a few trickles of cash at worthwhile causes instead.
     My household supports The Night Ministry — the last strand in Chicago’s social safety net — and The Ark. You might want to get behind Heartland Alliance or Catholic Charities.
     If your heart goes out to those who come to Chicago seeking a better life and end up sleeping with their kids on a police station floor, consider supporting Refugee One.
     There are many more — you did, I hope, support groups you’ve already been supporting. If not, a few minutes spent consulting Prof. Google should do the trick.
     You might think this story is a day late. But it’s supposed to run on Wednesday, because Chicago Public Media has dubbed Nov. 29 CQ as “Giving Newsday.” Part of the trick of surviving in the media is to find a way to stand out from the general roar, and by focusing on the following day, the hope is we’ll take advantage of the spirit of holiday generosity while not getting lost in the crush of worthy causes.
     The Chicago Sun-Times is owned by Chicago Public Media, a 501(c)3 charity that also owns WBEZ 91.5 FM, and though I’m biased, I’d argue that, in a way, supporting us is even more important than backing some other charity, because we’re how you learn about everything going on in the world.

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  1. Great image, Mr. S. Seen it before. (Was it at EGD, perhaps?) Thought it was Lincoln's victory in 1860, or Ft. Sumter being attacked in 1861. It's neither. It's's an 1851 Alfred Jones engraving, entitled "MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR NEWS"...people gathering on the front porch of a rural "Bar Room" to read the latest headlines. Highly appropriate on “Giving Newsday.” Selling on eBay...framed...for $229.

  2. Appreciate sharing out charities. Ones I haven't heard of - but enjoy visiting their websites for info.

  3. We donate to American Diabetes Association and a couple lung cancer groups. That’s personal as we’re dealing with both. I believe I do my part for the Sun-Times by continuing to get home delivery (52 years now).

  4. I was a board member for, and still support, ReVive Center for homelessness (formerly Cathedral [Episcopalian] Shelter of Chicago), and would commend it to your readers for donations. ReVive also collaborates with other homelessness agencies, including the excellent Night Ministry.
    PS: you got me. I donated to the Sun-Times.
    PS 2: San Antonio Catholic Charities pulled a nasty stunt with migrants, so if you are moved to donate to CC, be sure it is designated for Chicago.

  5. I regularly donate to WBEZ. Is that covering the Sun Times as well?

  6. Both the photo atop the blog and the bulldog sitting on the stack of papers are among my favorites of recurring images featured on EGD.

    Our S-T subscription recently ended, so we sent in a more-than-requested amount to become "founding members." While we qualified for the nifty umbrella, we decided we'd rather have the coffee mug. ; )

    "Every donation to the Sun-Times during our Giving Tuesday and Giving Newsday campaign will also provide 10 meals to those in need in our community, with a goal of reaching 5,000 meals, thanks to a partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository." That's a very worthwhile charity as well, though it seems like we get more mail from them than from most of our relatives and friends! ; )

    1. A few years ago pope frank said that if someone asked you for money and you had enough you should give it to them. I started getting a hundred ones at the bank and gave every panhandler a buck.
      The Pope said you should not be judgemental about this and once you gave it to them it was theirs to do what they chose.
      I've kept a ready supply of ones available since . When I'm flush I give fives. Most folks don't notice. But when I hand out the occasional 20 they immediately leave their spot and head of. I've found this amount to be , if not life changing at least respite providing.

      I've never had the audacity to fork over a cnote. Maybe this Christmas season
      Doesn't seem to have put me any farther in debt and I want for nothing.
      I'm not a Catholic anymore. But when the Pope says something that resonates I try to remember

    2. That's very nice of you, FME, as well as an interesting sociological experiment at the same time. If we hadn't both been raised as Catholics, I'd say you're a mensch.

      I am left wondering about 2 things, however. Why was this comment posted as a reply to mine? And would the Pope's suggestion have resonated as strongly if he hadn't named himself after you? ; )

    3. When one of the many holocaust survivors who frequented my business called me a mensch, he prefaced it with an explanation for this lapsed catholic boy. It says so much in just one word and is appropriate to describe all men of good character.

  7. 🚶🏽‍♀️Trans John/Karen 3/22November 29, 2023 at 1:17 PM

    Already a member, but what the hell. The last few years have been good to me. Except for, you know, finding out that there’s actually a plan for destroying the country, (thanks, Heritage Foundation, for putting it in print so we can be prepared.) and all that other stuff.
    Besides, if the ‘Sun-Times’-or as us hep-cats call it, ‘The Times’- goes under, we’ll all be reading that other paper. I hate to be morbid, but has anybody ever noticed that the ‘Trib’ has, like, lots lots more obituary listings than the ‘Times’? Find a minor premise and conclusion to complement that major given, and what does that tell you?

  8. There was an envelope for a charity, I think Habitat for Humanity in a recent paper delivery. Always remember to give something to the delivery person.


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