Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     I'm not sure what drew me to this chief.
     The fine detailing on the feathers of his war bonnet, surely.
     Maybe the almost-semitic arch to his nose.
     Something of a sneer, facing into the cutting Chicago wind.
     Or maybe I just thought, "This'll stump 'em."
     Which of course it won't.
     But a guy can try.
     So puzzle over this one. 
     I'm in California, bopping around the Parents Weekend events at Pomona College.
     So I won't be able to render the verdict until late in the day.
     Unless you get this very quickly.
     As you tend to do.
     The winner receives a bag of fine Bridgeport coffee. 
     Which I never get tired of drinking.
     So place your guesses below, and good luck. 


  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ state street bridge

  2. As to the Semitic nose, artist George Catlin seriously maintained that certain Indians were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, publishing a list of Hebrew words and equivalent Indian ones that were similar in sound supposedly.

  3. Off topic but as per some stories in the Sat. STimes, I wonder if certain Afr. Amer. reporters at the ST or Jesse Jackson, would care as much if a white team were disqualified.

    1. I wonder if the Beverly whistleblower would have looked into it if the winning team was from Hinsdale

    2. so,,, Tate, they may be reverse racists

      but as to Joe's comment, maybe/ maybe not

      I feel bad for the kids, but their adult managers were wrong

      rules can't be broken just cause someone come from a less privileged group

  4. Roosevelt University?

  5. The Art Institute Or Chicago History Museum

  6. Replies
    1. You got it James, congratulations. Nearly 9 a.m. -- a triumph for me. Email me your address at and I'll mail you your coffee.

    2. You're going to go broke, Mr S. with all these coffee purchases and mailings. Save it for college costs.

    3. Thanks for your concern, James, though Bridgeport is a sponsor. They GIVE me the coffee. Still, if you don't want it, no problem. More for me.

    4. That's not James who wrote that about the cost.

  7. Take the coffee. I would. I'm dying to try it. Good for Neil. Good for the Blog. Good for Bridgeport. Everyone wins.

    1. Paul -- If James spurn his coffee, I'll send his prize to you. NS


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