Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     Okay, enough already. I've been waaaay to sympathetic when it comes to picking out Saturday fun activity photos. It isn't really that the Hive is so good, it's that I'm just a big old softie. No more! It's time to just stump people, and to do that, I need something really hard, like this single jeering face tile I noticed downtown. It might be difficult to make him out in the photo above, so I'll give you a close-up. 
     There. Take a good look.
     So where is this guy, who seems to be roaring in derision over your inability to place his location? I imagine to have any chance of success, you'd have to not only have noticed him, the way I did, but also remember the location, which seems a near-impossibility. 
    To show my confidence in the difficulty of this week's activity, I should offer something good as a prize? How about a signed, hardback copy of my last book, "You Were Never in Chicago," a $25 value, at least, assuming that it being defaced by the author doesn't reduce its worth. Place your guesses below. And good luck. 


  1. I think it's the building at the corner of Michigan and Monroe that also has the Pritzker Military Museum

  2. 75 E. Washington (building at the corner of Washington & Michigan, don't know if this building has a specific name).

    1. Bingo. Damn, you guys are good. Did my little clue help (I can't help myself, it seems too hard otherwise). Email me your address at and I'll send yo uyour book. Congratulations.

    2. I'll be darned if I can figure out what your "clue" was, even knowing the answer. Unless it was the bit of Baskin Robbins logo you let show?

    3. There aren't that many of them. I should have sliced it finer.

  3. At first glance, the photo looked like a building I've passed many times on the El. By the way, in case anyone thinks the decorations are carvings made by artisans who have disappeared from the face of the earth, I have it on good authority (someone who worked on constructing such buildings in the 20s) that they are all concrete molds, not intricately rendered stone carvings.


  4. If you really want to stump people on this, Mr. S., you are going to have to put up a pic from Will County.


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