Monday, January 11, 2016

Surrendering to Powerball

     I didn't win the Powerball lottery Saturday night.
     Neither did you. Nobody did.
     Shocking, I know, because, well, we had our hopes, didn't we?
     I'm still surprised that I played, twice. So $4 of that a $1.3 billion being given away, maybe, Wednesday is mine.
     Or was.
     I'm a little embarrassed to admit I played. Mr. Logic. Mr. Rationality. Voluntarily paying the Stupid Tax. It's almost as bad as visiting a palmist.
     Well, like any sinner, I have my excuses.
     The first time was a few weeks ago, and a machine made me do it. I popped into the 7-Eleven on Shermer Road to buy a Sun-Times — my wife had taken ours to work. There was a new machine set up by the doughnut case. Designed, no doubt, to relieve the endless pressure on the clerk who has to sell both tickets and Slurpees. I had $2; why not try out the machine? It worked.

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  1. Don't worry, pretty sure you and your better half can afford house and driveway upkeeps without the lottery. People do so with less.

  2. My favorite lottery quote

    I figure you have the same chance of winning the lottery whether you play or not.

    Fran Lebowitz

  3. I'm rather neutral about the lotteries and my favorite saying in this respect (as it was mentioned in the story) is as follows: you won't win if you are not in it. There is no one to blame about the loss, it is a voluntary decision whether to be part of it or not. Even understanding that it will be more likely a losing endeavor I played it online at WinTrillions review as I was outside the USA and didn't want to lose the chance. It was all just about the chance.

  4. Sneed really should retire. Who uses the term "civics" anymore. Though she'll always claim some "dubious" source said this or that. See the 2-12 column. And she's always on vacation.


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