Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hoosierland women! Send you little visitor to Gov. Pence.

     It’s a shame that so much attention is going to North Carolina’s new law cruelly scrapping all of their state’s local local anti-discrimination ordinances and raising the specter of police bursting into bathrooms to check on the birth genders of the people using them.
     The latest development there is that not only are major businesses like the NBA, PayPal and IBM lining up to condemn the law and question whether they want to do business with the state, but now the Obama administration is saying that the Tar Heels bigotry-empowerment act could endanger billions of dollars in federal aid, which can be withheld from backwaters that choose to indulge in un-American discrimination.
     As satisfying as all that is, it shouldn’t distract us from the aftershocks rolling across our own little bit of the Southland in the Midwest, Indiana.

       There Governor Mike Pence signed a truly medieval law demanding, among other things, that aborted fetuses be given formal funerals or cremations, and if you think Indiana woman just shrugged and sighed and went back to their washboards and their sad irons, well, think again. 
     Rebellious Indiana women, waking up to this attempt to shove them back into the early 20th century, have created a “Periods for Pence” Facebook page, sharing the governor’s public comment phone number and urging women to keep the Pence informed about their menstrual cycle, since he seems so concerned, including some (apparently) real life exchanges such as...

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  1. I've got the feeling that Governor Pence will soon be receiving more than a few red badges of courage from outside Indiana as well as from within.


  2. Quite a good article in today's Tribune by a gynecologist describing whar patients required to bring severly damagaged fetuses to term will endure.

    And on the morning gab fest Sephanopolis did a good job of not letting Kasich off the hook on the subject prolife people would rather Trump hadn't brought up. If you make abortion a crime how can you not procecute everybody involved, including the women? He got a bit snippy when George kept pointing out that "we'll let the states figure out what they want to do about that" wasn't really an answer.

    Tom Evans

    1. Kasich always sounds snippy.

    2. I read the article by Dr. McHugh in the Tribune and I couldn't help but think: what's the procedure for screening a woman with a fetus who may have a severe or genetic deformity before they abort? "Prove your fetus is healthy or we'll have to refuse service! If it's healthy, proceed with our approval as long as you can cover the funeral." And how do they decide whether there's a violation connected to gender or race? All of this is so ridiculous, and unconstitutional.

      What right do they have to punish women and their severely deformed infants by forcing them to give birth and watch them slowly, painfully die?

  3. Um, I think yhe governor would then declare these used products as "biohazards" and we women, would be off to jail again. Sit down and shut up cant be long in coming. And perhaps a stint in the fuzzy farm if, we the women, don't.


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