Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     At first I thought this might be unfair. An older man against a dark background. How could anyone figure out a location from that? Even King Dale. 
    But someone might be familiar. He isn't a famous man, but he has been in the press. And it's more of a thinking puzzle. In order to get the gears turning, though, I need to give a clue. Here it is: the man isn't real. 
    Well, he is real somewhere. But he wasn't really in front of me when I took his picture. Does that help? No? Good.
    Let the fun begin. You don't have to name the guy, just where I saw him, or an image of him. The winner gets one of my way-cool "Don't Give Up the Ship" flags, expressing a sentiment more necessary than ever as Donald Trump's America unfolds in day after I-can't-fucking-believe-this-is-happening day. Place your guesses below. Good luck.


  1. This is off-topic, but I saw the documentary Obit at the Music Box last night, with a post-film Q & A moderated by your colleague Maureen O'Donnell. I thought you may have been there but didn't spot you. I'm sure if you haven't already seen it, you plan to.

  2. Well done. Send me your address, at, and I will send you your flag.

  3. The man's name is Pinchas Gutter.

  4. Wow. Big ol' article in the Sun Times last week....

  5. I saw a clip of Mr. Gutter when he was being recorded. Necessary, powerful stuff. I fear, however, that time and deniers will allow too many to forget.
    Mike H.


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