Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump Tower? No, I live at 401 N. Wabash....

The hated letters went up on Trump Tower three years ago this week.

     We all know how well Donald Trump is doing as a president.
     Well, not all of us know. Thirty-seven percent of the country seems locked in a kind of trance, a willed blindness almost as unsettling to consider as the grim carnival they ignore.
     Still, many of us are painfully aware of how Trump is performing as president.
     But how is the Trump brand?
     Those hotels and condos and neckties. Will they, boosted by the prestige of the presidency, become a permanent part of the consumer landscape, even after the 45th president, please God, moves on? Is “Trump” the next Coke or Chevy?
     Or will the name vanish as quickly as Jimmy Carter peanut keepsakes?
     I will admit bias. I thought “Trump” represented the most vapid kind of tin-plated junk before he ran for president. I’d compare the Trump brand to the Playboy rabbit logo. On the rare occasions you see it, on someone’s car bumper, you do not think, “Oh, look, Playboy. The driver must do very well with highly attractive women and own a $25,000 stereo system.” Rather, the rabbit represents a kind of naive yearning, a juvenile greed that is almost sweet.
     But my view can be set aside. We are a marketing capital, here in Chicago. Surely experts are observing this process.

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  1. "I told you so" never works, never changes anyone's predilections anyway. If we want to lure the deluded 37% back to sanity, we have to make them think they saw the promised land first. They all fancy themselves independent thinkers, whose ideas should be valued as much as the fancy-dancy intellectual types who loathed Trump the very first time they heard him squeak. How about a vast left-wing conspiracy to create an overwhelming blitz of TV, radio, newspaper and video propaganda vilifying Trumplike characters.


  2. Do you know if there are occupancy figures for Trump hotels in the USA since D. Trump was elected? I'd be interested in seeing if his base is supporting him.

  3. Most of his base couldn't afford his hotels or condos.

  4. A friend of mine is a personal trainer who had many clients at Trump Tower last year. Most of them have either moved away or spend their time now in other homes they own.

  5. My daughter works for Nordstrom's and when the kerfuffle about Ivanka's line erupted, she told me that Nordstrom's liked her stuff, but it wasn't selling.


  6. The 37% that blindly follow and adore Trump believe he's the ultimate example of the American Dream (wealth and success). I wonder how long before they realize they were conned, just like the fools that bought into Trump University. Unfortunately, they won't be able to take legal action to get their dignity back. I believe the Trump brand will follow Ponzi into infamy.


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