Monday, February 12, 2018

Fox News shares the blame for our national fiasco

Natasha, foreground, and Gizmo, in a characteristic pose.

     We have two cats, Natasha and Gizmo. Old cats, given to lazing on our bed all day. But occasionally one will, in a burst of industry, drag a freshly killed mouse out of the inner recesses of our 110-year-old farmhouse and leave it in a conspicuous spot. A present.
     Social media is kinda like that. There is always some eager soul who finds a hurtful comment about me in the enormity of the internet and leaves it on my doorstep.“Gosh, isn’t this awful?” they say. “I thought you’d want to see it.” Why yes, yes it is awful. Thank you for sharing.
     No human birddog is even necessary anymore. It’s now done automatically.
     “Neil Steinberg’s tweet was featured in Fox News” happily informed me.
     Oh goody. Thanks! I never look at Fox News. I haven’t the stomach to see reality so deformed. It’s like looking at photographs of spoiled food. Something that should be appealing — the news — rendered noxious by corrosive agents.

     Sighing, I turned my attention to “Mainstream media attacking Trump’s ‘dumb’ idea for military parade” by Brian Flood.
     True enough. As if spurred by an accidentally accurate headline, Flood begins his analysis this way: “The mainstream media have suddenly taken a drastic stance against parades.”

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  1. Amen!

    Fox News and it's immigrant leader have spent decades creating automatons that will follow the GOP off of a cliff.

  2. Yes siree Bob, the mainstream media has a lot to answer for. What's Trump to do? First they hype the perils of gluten, decimating the desire for bread. Then go on and on about cruelty to animals, elephants in particular, eliminating circuses. The last government sanctioned entertainment, military parades, is too dumb for words. How about we setup a big sandbox for Trump and Kim Jong-un to hash things out, and leave the rest of the world alone.

  3. During the presidential campaign, about a year and a half ago, I was flicking through radio stations while driving around in the early afternoon. I landed on Rush Limbaugh's show on the big 89, which was broadcasting a Trump speech live. Trump was talking about how badly the mainstream media treat him, and how little attention he was given. Yes, in a speech carried live, for free, on a nationwide show.

    You're on the radio right now, idiot! Rush is a dope who doesn't understand irony, but he's not alone. His fans call in all day saying that they're idiots, too.

  4. I spent years screaming at Faux Nooze on the small screen. Then I switched from Time-Warner to U-Verse and finally wised up. A few clicks of the remote, at the parental control feature, and no more problems with ANYTHING Faux!

    I still scream at the TV, but now it's usually when the Cubs are choking, over at the MLB Network.

  5. One of the most obnoxious conceits of Fox News and its views is that everyone else is as partisan as they are. In their minds, CNN and the New York Times are all as much propaganda outlets for the left as Fox is for the right. It justifies their not even trying to be the least bit objective.

    1. Objectivity can't exist in ratings fueled reporting.

  6. Perhaps the real tell is to go back a few years. President Obama made some mildly critical statements about Fox and every major network (including MSNBC) went after him for trying to muzzle the media.

    Trump lashes out at just about everybody except Fox News, calling out networks by name as purveyors of Fake News. Haven't heard a peep from Fox about how bad that is.


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