Sunday, October 14, 2018

Saturday Snapshot #10

Photo by Tony Galati

     The Saturday Snapshot kinda got bigfooted by news yesterday. Originally, I had just intended to run the photo of the Lyric strikers and call it day. But a musician pal called me, and I spoke to him, and an orchestra spokeswoman called me, and I spoke to her, and before I knew it the thing had developed into something more. 

    For a few hours I left the "Saturday Snapshot" headline, thinking it wry, a more-bang-for-your-non-buck kind of thing. But then it just seemed silly, a slight on the juicy content below, and I wrote something more descriptive, not that it churned the media waters.
    Turning my attention to today, I just was experiencing a rare frisson of what-the-fuck-do-I-write-now? when faithful reader Tony Galati offered up this lovely photo of a leaf-strewn road in Oneida County, Wisconsin, which he describes as "West of Eagle River, east of Minocqua, south of St. Germain, north of just about everything else in the state."
     When I told Tony I would run it today, he replied:
     "Sometimes I lose track of what day it is when I'm up here, but I'm pretty sure tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday snapshot? Is that allowed?"
     I assured him that I had checked with the boss, and it was indeed allowed. To be honest, I kinda like the idea of the Saturday Snapshot running Sunday. Given the insanity of our times, it seems a welcome departure from norms that doesn't harm anybody, for once.

    Autumn is a great time of year, with color everywhere, reminding us that things change, continually. Sometimes even for the better. A notion to embrace.


  1. You can see similar to this on certain fall days walking the bike paths in the forest preserves, but your timing has to be serendipitous. Today I am harry to settle for this substitute. Thank You, Tony

    1. Glad you like it, John. The road still looked that way later in the day. It's a dead end that nobody had driven on yet.

  2. Be careful when driving or biking...they're pretty but those leaves will become as slick as ice when wet. Had a wreck because of wet leaves, years ago. Also fell on my kiester one time...or however the hell you spell that word.

    1. Kiester is correct. I used to have relatives with farms just outside Kiester, MN. We used to visit almost every summer when I was a kid.

  3. The little town of Kiester, Minnesota, has probably been the butt of many jokes in the past...NYUK NYUK. Thanks to the people from Preparation H, which of course is a hemorrhoid cream, they are now REALLY on the map.

    They've since moved on to promoting their product in a town called Tookus, which I am pretty sure is fictional, as I cannot locate it anywhere. I have to wonder how they found out about Kiester. Probably just Googled it. I tried the same thing with Tookus. No dice.


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