Thursday, January 17, 2019

Why focus on what the president does and says?

     I was surprised by the amount of reaction to yesterday's column—quite a bit, considering the opening line is in Latin. Entirely positive, which was not surprising, considering it was about being polite to those who are nasty to you.
     Okay, not ENTIRELY positive. There was this, from a Mary Loconsole, under the subject heading of "Huh??????":


     I just got done reading your article today regarding Twitter. And you’re right – I normally do not read your articles because I find them very “Debbie Downer” in their content…ALWAYS going back to Trump and what he did and what he said and blah, blah, blah…FYI: After over 2 years, I think people get the gist of how he is so they pretty much have already made up their own minds about him. All you do is incite hate for the President of the United States on a daily basis, and that is really a shame – believe it or not, it doesn’t make you look good at all. There are MANY other upbeat topics you can write about and share with your readers, but no, you choose to dwell on the same old thing day after day…B-O-R-I-N-G!!!
     And what I find particularly ridiculous is your statement that the “smallness of biting back like Trump does in not a sign of power, but evidence of enormous weakness….uh, excuse me, but THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO EVERY DAY!!!
     You came off looking like a total fool….
     Have a nice day!

To which there really was only one conceivable response:

     Thanks for writing.



  1. It is impossible to incite enough hatred for that orange conman!
    He's not merely the worst president ever, he's also the absolute worst person to be president!
    And except for Mike Pence, he doesn't have a pet. Someone once said about being in Washington, no matter what, if you have a dog, you'll always have a friend.
    He has no friends & apparently never has!

    And BTW, why didn't he have his hotel cater the meal for the Clemson players? It would've been a lot better than the cold hamberders he served them!

  2. The truth is that if Trump actually did anything uncharacteristically kind or unselfish or just human, Neil would leap to his feet to shower him with praise and thanksgiving. After of course waiting a decent interval to give him a chance to change his mind.


  3. Truly a worthy email for printing out. And using. On absorbent paper.

    (Sure, I could have risen to more eloquent and insightful derision, but that feels fine to me today.)

  4. I wonder how many times Neil has written about Trump here or in his columns.And even his article yesterday was not directly about Trump

  5. Any time you want to castigate creepy old Donald Trump is good with me. I certainly don't feel that I hate him. But I hate what he has done, is doing, tries to do, and will do to this country. I only hope that our society will be able to recover.

  6. "All you do is incite hate for the President of the United States on a daily basis," That's the most amusing statement in her response. These trolls live for every anti-Trump column you write, few and far between though they've become. Obviously, you've made her very happy with your latest entry.

  7. Actually, one reads Steinberg for a trait he shares with the Queen of the Nile, his infinite variety. But neglecting an occasional riff on the Leader of the Free World would seem to be journalistic malpractice. If the lady is concerned about non-stop Trump bashing she should address her complaint to the Washington Post.



  8. What President of the Untied Snakes? The man so many people despise is merely the Current Occupant of the Oval Orifice...Resident Rump. Trolls gotta troll--it's what they do. Sometimes, the best response is simply avoiding another no-win pissing contest entirely, so as not to end up cold, wet, and smelly. That's when I refrain from snark, and respond instead with a: "Thanks for sharing..."


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