Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Trump calls the tune, and his fans dance

      You gotta dance with them what brung ya.
     I’m not given to rustic turns of phrase, especially those including colloquialisms like “gotta,” “brung” or “ya.”
     Yet there is truth here.
     After — golly — four years of continually condemning Donald Trump as a liar, bully and fraud, I believe now, with his circus-like announcement Tuesday in Florida of his quest for a second term, is a good time to pause and give credit where due:
     Donald Trump is a master.
     A master what? Well, liar, bully and fraud, for starters. Those who don’t see that by now never will. But that is a huge, unwavering group of Americans — tens of millions. Time to tip the hat and acknowledge something I have not previously recognized: what a good liar, bully and fraud Donald Trump really is.
     A master of his craft, really. A genius. Begin with his skill as a liar. Democrats tote up his lies like some disturbed individual counting the passing cars, oblivious to the fact that the total doesn’t matter. Nearly half the country doesn’t care. Trump has rendered the truth un-important for his followers, and that is a feat I did not previously think possible. But obviously, tragically, it is.
     How does he do it?
     By force of personality. He can say one thing today, another in an hour, then contradict both the next day. Anyone rude enough to draw attention to this is attacked by himself and his crew of lackeys and bootlickers, who have sold their souls for access to his presence, not to forget our version of State TV, Fox News. The mushroom cloud of controversy forms with a “whump,” rises into the air, floats away and is forgotten. The past is a vapor, reality a dreamworld inhabited by losers. You can choose truth or you can choose Trump.

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  1. Sad but true. And some thought he could never be elected.

    1. Count me among them. And even now, when I allow myself to dwell on it, I can hardly believe he was.

  2. Looking for this quote, I found that almost everything Mencken said that's regarded as quotable could be used to describe the present day political situation:
    No one in this world, so far as I know - and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me - has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.
    Read more at:

  3. Anytime I see him speaking at one of his insane rallies, he struts & poses like Mussolini, uses gestures like Hitler. Then a few weeks ago, I saw a bad Robin Williams movie "Man Of The Year", where Williams plays a comedian & political commentator who gets elected president & much of what Trump spouts is just like what Williams character spews out.

    This loon has no filters & no honor. He says one thing & then contradicts himself in the same sentence.

  4. If enough American voters are as stupid as they seem to have become in the last few years...Dolt 45 may wind up being our LAST president...or at least the last president of America in its present "united" (gag, retch) configuration. Maybe we havn't quite become burnt toast yet. Maybe Forty-and-Six-Pence will be Our Hitler, leading us into the new Crusades...with nuclear-tipped lances.

    I actually feel sorry for anybody whose time is not short...the teen-agers, twentysomethings, and thirtysomethings. If I were that young, I'd not only be scared shitless, but even more pissed-off than the angry old white geezer that I already am.


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