Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Oh no! Cheated by Trump? What a SHOCK!

Chicago drag performer Jo Mama  to leads the “Drag March for Change”
in Boystown Sunday afternoon. (Photo by Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times)

     What’s this strange emotion? A sudden surge of ... what? Sympathy? Toward religious fanatics, home-grown haters and gimlet-eyed keyhole-peering revanchists. Is that it?
     Well, pity, anyway.
     I mean, man, that’s gotta hurt.
     You betray your country, handing control over to a notorious bully liar, fraud and buffoon in the casual way you’d toss your car keys to the village idiot, saying “Here, take ‘er for a spin.”
    You betray your faith, falling in line by a staggering majority — 81 percent of evangelicals — to cast your ballot for a thrice-married con man, casual bigot and serial ignoramus. You crowd auditoriums to shriek in rapture over this church-avoiding, lie-spewing, norm-shredding, sniffy abomination of all that is holy, a shambling, rambling, stumbling refutation of the very idea of grace, dignity or living a spiritual life.
     And for what?
     The idea was: you sign away your support to this Apprentice Archfiend, this strip-mall Satan, and he rewards you by picking Supreme Court justices who will sprinkle juridical fairy dust over the United States and magically transport it back to the Mayberry 1958 of your imaginings. The Court will protect the notional babies you claim to so adore, and drop-kick all those other — brrr, shudder — unacceptably different folks back in the far shadows where they belong.
     Ah, hahahahahahahahahaha.
     And then he ... and then he ... excuse me, inhaled a little coffee there, guffawing ... he turns around and betrays you, or his Supreme Court does anyway, on a cloudless Monday in June.
     C’mon, laugh along, hard though that may be drenched in soda water, pants yanked around your knees, the calliope wheezing away, derisively.
     No? Not laughing?

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  1. All the varied pejoratives for our "great" President. Fun to read; I bet it was fun to write as well.


    1. My fave was "sniffy"...I spewed Coke all over my keyboard.

  2. I highly doubt that any of Trump's rabid supporters will blame him for this Supreme Court decision. They'll just take it as further evidence that the Deep State is against him, blah blah yakety yak.

  3. Schadenfreude is my favorite flavor.

  4. This was great. I went and posted this on Grahams facebook page. Needless toy the majority of of comments agreed with Graham. You mail should make interesting reading.

  5. Damn those Evangelicals for infecting all of Christianity with their venom. I had to quit my church over this.

  6. Some people are setting up prayer circles for Franklin Graham, to try and save him from eternal damnation. We don't think the chances are good, though.


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