Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CVS exits the cancer business...

     "A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure,” Oscar Wilde wrote, in ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.” “It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied.”
      I can vouch for that. In springtime, years ago when I was dating, the combination of nice weather and a night on the town would spark in my wife-to-be the desire for a cigarette. Dutiful swain that I was, I would trot off, first to the bar to get $4 in quarters, then to the inevitable cigarette machine tucked back by the restrooms, for the long pull of that raspy mechanical knob, rewarded by the gentle thud of a pack of Marlboro Lights falling into the stainless steel tray.
      I would return with the cellophane-wrapped pack. She would smoke her cigarette and I would smoke the other 19, one after another, enjoying the little cool thumb of relaxation that nicotine presses upon the vibrating anxiety center of the brain.
     Smoking late at night was bliss. The next morning, however, after that tobacco orgy, my mouth felt like the floor of a cab, my lungs did not breathe with their usual avidity, and as much as I wanted to keep the party going, I couldn’t pop another $4 for a pack — another life saved by cheapness.
     More lives will no doubt be saved by CVS Caremark announcing last week it will stop selling cigarettes at its 7,600 drugstores....

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  1. Not on topic here, but saw one of the blog posters up at the new Billy Goat on Lake Street. Perfectly sited by the door, everyone exiting will see it. Also really hit by the power of the design; the large block letters READ EVERY DAY--I actually thought "Yes, I will and I do" and then the smaller red letters with the blog info. Brilliant.

    1. Oh good! I gave that to Billy Sianis. I've been meaning to get over there and take a photo to post. Now I will. Thanks Bill (and where's YOURS posted?)

  2. Shoulda taken a pic for you. Mine is, uh, mine is in the tube still. I'm slow.

  3. In this case, it was good to be cheap.


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