Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     That's a nice fireplace, eh? 
     And the big colorful balls, well, they're there for educational purposes.
     This place, I had never been.
     Not inside, anyway.
     So I'm hoping you've never been either.
     Though somebody probably has.
     I was just passing by. 
     Had an extra 10 minutes.
     So I went in.
     Didn't have to pay nothin'.
     It seemed very interesting, and I left promising myself to come back.
     And give it a longer visit.
     So where is this fireplace? And the beautiful wallpaper atop the blog?
     I'd give you more hints, but somebody probably was there three days ago.
     Anyway, the winner gets a bag of fresh-roasted, Bridgeport Bubbly Creek coffee. 
     Which reminds me, I need to tell you about that unusual name.
     Next week.
     In the meantime, post your guesses below.
     Good luck. 
And yes, I swung on the swing. How could you not? 


  1. One of the Thorne Miniature Rooms.

  2. Are all the savants sleeping in today?


  3. Maybe. I'm surprised, because this one is EASY. Famous place.

    1. Certainly, I've seen that style all over the place, particularly older buildings in the Loop. I'll guess Chicago Historical Society just to pad the blog a bit.

      By the way, have you listened to Elizabeth Warren's anti-Citigroup speech? I found her use of "alum" in place of alumnus, alumna, alumni, and alumnae absolutely brilliant. Another thing that is almost always wrong like "whomever."


  4. I'm stumped so here's my guess... Hull House.

  5. And a good guess it is, yes, congrats. All hail King Dale! I assume you haven't gone through the coffee you won last time. Would you prefer something else? An older book perhaps? "Complete and Utter Failure"? One of my favorites.

  6. The book sounds great, Neil. And I would like to recommend the Bridgeport Coffee to everyone. It may be the best coffee I've ever had. And I have actually been to the Hull House. I went a few years ago on one of the ghost tours. The wallpaper confirmed it, on my search. It's a William Morris style wallpaper, whatever that is.
    Thanks, Dale

  7. William Morris was a leader in the Craft Arts movement. I was thinking Hull House too, but slept in, so I'll have to buy my own Bridgeport Coffee.

  8. I rode the Divvy to the UIC student center Wednesday, for my Monday column, and had an extra 10 minutes--I always leave a margin of error when I Divvy, in case the station's full. So it was easy to pop inside. They had an interesting display on play --- hence the balls. Fascinating place. I'll post another picture.


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