Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

    Can you make out the guy in the above?
    Here, I'll blow him up for you. 
    There, that's better.
    A hooded figure.
    A monk perhaps.
    Certainly a clue as to this solid building.
    Maybe you've seen it.
    I didn't notice it until this week.
    And I pass the place all the time.
    Which is one thing I love about Chicago.
    All this hidden stuff.
    Hidden in plain sight.
    I won't wax nostalgic about the extra care these older buildings show. 
    No hooded figures above the windows today.
    Economics, laziness and I suppose a bit of cowardice.
    Who would have the courage to put hooded figures on their buildings today?
     Mysterious men who could represent anything.
    Enigmatic gentlemen
    Whom we could project our fears upon.
    Enough noodling.
    Where is this? What building? 
    If you know there's a 2015 poster in it for you.
    Place your guesses below.
    Good luck.


  1. Planet Earth! Hurray, I win again! But I am still a robot!

  2. Allegro Hotel (formerly the Bismarck ).

    1. You nailed it Frank! Congratulations. And you're a first time winner, are you not? Send me your address, at, and I'll send you your prize.

    2. Thanks Neil. I enjoy reading your work.

    3. When will I lose my recognize a spot virginity and finally get a poster through the game?

  3. Oh good, now maybe we can use this as a hotel pic and finally get that new room open for general discussion, ahem.

  4. Definition of myopia-- go to your office next door at 134 N LaSalle every day for 18 years, and otherwise pass by the Bismarck/Allegro for a total of 39 years, notice the figure for the first time only online. Here's the scary part -- what else have I missed?

    1. Gary, you made my day. Because that's what I'm trying to do here. Don't feel badly. It's called being human. I never saw it either in 25 years of tramping by. Then Thursday I looked up and it was there.

    2. I pass it it on the L all the time & I made sure to remind myself of the frieze around the place, but never thought of this one decorative window treatment.
      But then, I already have your poster.


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