Friday, May 27, 2016

Police plant seeds of trust


     A piece of turf in Englewood. Young black men and women hanging out. And cops with dirty hands, planting something, then covering it up.
     Familiar words. You think you know where this story is going. But you don't.
     "My name is Officer Davis. I work at the 7th District police station," says David Davis, standing beside his partner, Ja'Lance Hunt. "Our mission is to protect and preserve life. We would be glad to answer any questions you have. We're here today to help you plant, to put the flowers in the garden today. We go to all the schools in Englewood and we plant flowers, but we also act as the police too. OK? So who's going to show me how to plant?"
     It was a sunny morning in West Englewood last week at the Southside Occupational Academy High School, 7342 S. Hoyne, a school for students with disabilities. Southside Occupational is a rare Chicago public high school that has its own dog, Louie, a mini-Goldendoodle.   
    "Everybody knows Louie," says Joshua Long, the principal.
     It was the school's Earth Day celebration, with outside activities: food grills, art projects and planting their school garden. Officers Hunt and Davis greeted one group after another with enthusiasm, placing tiny seeds into their hands....

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  1. Sorry Neil, but there aren't any good cops in Chicago!
    The Blue Wall of Silence is why.
    Either rat out the bad cops & stop lying on police reports, even though that's perjury & should be prosecuted by the state's attorney's office. Of course we all know that worthless, useless pile of shit Anita Alvarez never found a single reason to indict even one of the dozen or more cops that were on the scene of the Laquan McDonald murder by that cop. Every one of them, all of whom will describe themselves as "good cops", flat out lied on their written police reports, yet Alvarez hasn't done shit about it!
    And don't let her bullshit that she's waiting on the US Attorney's office. Those clowns make snails & tortoises look fast.
    As long as even one cop follows the Blue Wall of Silence, every cop here is a rotten cop!

  2. These two officers are most definitely good cops. Thanks, Neil, for a feel good post today.

    1. I agree. It was a nice post. Thanks.

      Linda B

  3. Now we know why you were in Englewood the other day and a marvelous outing it seems to have been, no matter the kibitzing from Clark St. Having been born in Englewood Hospital, I have a fondness for the area that survives even after many years of witnessing so many attempts to revitalize it that ultimately failed at great cost to the City and at even greater cost to Englewood residents.


  4. Great column! I don't see how anyone can fault programs that build bridges between the police and the communities they serve. It starts with students.


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