Monday, May 2, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court leans toward legalizing corruption

Bob and Maureen McDonnell

     Things are a mess.
     They sure feel like a mess, don’t they?
     Chicago teeters on insolvency. Illinois hurtles toward its first anniversary of utter fiscal gridlock.
     Nationally, the view is even more surreal, like some semi-obscene Dali painting come to life. This crude New York punchline has shanghaied the Republican Party. While the Democrats who aren’t still skipping happily toward Shangri-La behind Pied Piper Bernie Sanders, banging tambourines wrapped in ribbons, grimly assemble around scarred old campaigner Hillary Clinton, like yeomen clutching pointed staffs in a muddy field around Henry V, psyching themselves up to fight off the legions of bowl-haircut Middle American sexist idiocy for the next six solid months.
     So I hate to point out another looming problem, one not on your radar yet. It won’t show up until June, maybe. But it bobbed to the surface of our national discourse last week before being flushed away by the next jaw-dropping set of bad news. Since you may have missed it, I feel compelled to pluck it out and hold it up, gingerly, between thumb and forefinger.
     Bob McDonnell.
     Name mean anything? Of course not. Don’t feel bad, it drew a blank with me too....

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Postscript: Wondering what happened? Read it and weep. 


  1. Re: the last line - "would it be lawful for a public official to charge $1,000.00 to meet with a constituent." That already happens - try meeting with the Zoning Department - that will run you $1,500.00

  2. Sickening-hope the court will stand firm.

  3. Since all the wing-nuts on the court have been going to resorts for free from their equally wing-nut buddies, of course they want to legalize corruption!

  4. Hey, if money is speech, then so are Rolexes and luxury vacations.

    Bitter Scribe

  5. On a slippery slope to serious Oligarchy, where corruption will disappear -- i.e. cost of doing business will include "commissions" for public officials.


  6. Interesting heads up and grand photo.

  7. Corporations are people, money is speech, corruption is legal, war is peace, four legs good, two legs bad.

    This land is made for you and me.

  8. Haha you liberals flooded our courts with these jackass justices so I say enjoy. I offer a toast, to the third world bankrupt bannana Republic. Enjoy.

    1. Typical wing-nut, as you have that backwards!
      It was Scalia, Alito, Roberts, Thomas & Kennedy, all of whom are right wing crackpots that did this.

  9. There is something a bit unsettling about watching violent, foul-mouthed protesters waving the Mexican flag on American soil.

    Over the weekend, Hispanic children lined the streets in Fort Wayne, Indiana – hurling filthy insults at Donald Trump supporters.

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    “F*** you,” the youngsters shouted as they flipped off passerby. “F*** you.”

    Video captured images of the angry protesters wearing sombreros and holding signs that read, “Brown Pride.”

    What kind of a parent would allow their child to behave that way in public?

    A similar protest turned violent last week in Southern California – as a horde of illegals and their supporters violently attacked Trump supporters, police and even a horse.

    Yes, a horse.

    Cole Bartiromo, identified by local media as a Trump supporter, needed a half-dozen stiches after the mob bashed open his head.

    “Suddenly, out of nowhere I felt this thud in the front of my head,” Bartiromo told “I started panicking – getting scared, thinking, ‘When are they going to stop? Are they going to kill me? I mean, these aren’t rational people.’”

    The California mob spilled into the streets – blocking roadways and smashing police cars. They intended to shut down a Trump rally. They intended to silence Mr. Trump and his supporters.

    They were angry about the wall he plans to build – to secure our border from the invading **horde** of illegals. They were angry about Mr. Trump speaking the truth – about how illegals are killing Americans – on American soil.

    One of the most disturbing images in recent days came from California – a small child – holding a sign. It read, “Make America Mexico Again.”

    There was a time in this nation’s history when having 13 million people breach your border would have been considered an invasion. We used to fight wars over such a hostile act.

    But these days instead of repelling the invaders, the Obama administration gave them food stamps, free health care, and a voter registration card.

    We’ve been invaded and our government has provided aid and comfort to the enemy.

    In both Indiana and California the protesters tried to bully and intimidate law-abiding Americans into silent submission. They tried – but they failed.

    You see, the illegals need to understand something – “We the People” will no longer be silent. We will not allow our sovereignty to be violated anymore.

    The American taxpayers have reached a boiling point. We are tired of illegals taking American jobs. We are tired of illegals living off our tax dollars. We are tired of illegals causing mayhem in our streets.

    And more than anything, we are tired of lawmakers who refuse to defend American sovereignty.

    The truth is we don’t know who or what has been coming across our southern border. We don’t know what dangers lurk in our neighborhoods.

    And we want a president who will put American lives first. We want a president who will do whatever it takes to keep our families safe. We want a president who will defend our sovereignty.

    And if I see one more foul-mouthed protester waving a Mexican flag on American soil – I’ll personally donate a pile of bricks to help build Mr. Trump’s wall.

    Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. His latest book is "God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values." Follow Todd on Twitter@ToddStarnes and find him on Facebook.

    1. James Martin demonstrates a significant aspect of Right Wing Nuttery that I want to draw attention to. He registers an opinion that is completely wrong -- that the liberals in the Supreme Court are responsible for leaning toward legalizing corruption. Clark Street points this out. Martin reacts... not at all, to the topic at hand, but vomits up a lengthy philippic against immigration (where, by the way, he is equally wrong). Sentient souls see there is no point in contradicting him, and he no doubt imagines that his iron logic has won the day. It's sad.

  10. People like that aren't logical.

  11. Notice how in the photo is wife is behind him not next to him. That's probably his idea.

    1. Just watched "Animal House" again, for the first time in many years. This clown and his blonde spouse look way too much like the WASP-y fraternity and sorority creeps from Faber College, circa 1962. Just a lot older, that's all.


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