Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Plan the peace before the war

     This week the hollowness of the Donald Trump campaign came into focus. His effort lacks organization, staff and is wildly underfunded — $1.3 million, 1/30th of Hillary Clinton’s war chest — a result of traditional Republican donors shrinking away in revulsion.
     The Cleveland convention remains a looming disaster, an epic train wreck unfolding in slow motion as Republican stalwarts flee for their political lives.
     Trump’s promise to build a wall and make the Mexican government pay rings increasingly hollow. Maybe Trump can get Mexico to fund his campaign instead.
     No glibness. Trump’s dismay is nothing to celebrate.
     First, the prospect of a Trump presidency is so disastrous — think of him as climate change in a toupe — there can be no assumption of victory, no pulling up short of the finish line. The prospect is as serious as death, the death of America that patriots love, the land of freedom for everybody. If you still sigh for Bernie Sanders, get over it, support Hillary Clinton, and you can go back to dreaming of the New Eden come Thanksgiving.

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  1. If the worse happens,Congress can keep him in check, to some extent. Even many Republicans don't seem to like him. Whether he wins or loses the conservative party is in trouble.

  2. While I don't think he will win, he would not be the first candidate to win an office and be underfunded. Eric Cantor got primaryied out by a guy who spent virtually nothing.

  3. Trump as President is something that would rob me of my sleep and contentment! Pray that he never get's the position!

  4. I don't know if this has much to do with your article, but I just saw this. While posted on Daily Kos it came from a face book posting. I thought he made some good points.


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