Thursday, October 20, 2016

A sort of genius really

    Donald Trump exists in that surreal zone of stupidity that is so extreme, you'd almost feel sorry for him, that is, if he weren't trying to lead the country over a cliff. 
    The day after his third scowling, shrugging, blathering performance at a presidential debate, he raised what has become one of his trademark baseless charges: that Hillary Clinton was "inappropriately given the debate questions."
     Which leads us to the subjects raised at the debate: the Supreme Court. Immigration. The economy. Couldn't of seen these coming, eh? These were surprises to Trump? No wonder he was so badly beaten by Clinton and her secret information. No wonder, even as the debate was transpiring, Trump was aware enough that he was blowing it, again, badly enough that only cheating on Clinton's part would explain it. He lashed out at her, poised despite his constant interruptions, insults, one of which, "nasty woman," instantly became a badge of honor, the way that the ((())) denotation used by Trump's anti-Semitic supporters to tag Jewish names was seized and used by Jewish writers on Twitter.
      While I have been slow in surrendering my pessimism, my nagging fear that he will win, the polls are such that I'm beginning to yield that up to actual hope that he won't. 
    Still, it's grim that he's even running, that he's in contention, that anyone supports him. He'd be embarrassing as a fringe candidate that got a whopping 10 percent of the vote. 
    Let's touch upon the undeniable qualities: a bigot and a bully, a fraud and a liar. Rolling like a puppy at the feet not only of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, but too dumb to be ashamed of it. Lauding Syrian butcher Bashar al-Assad, calling him smarter than both President Obama and Hillary Clinton in Wednesday's debate, when he hobbyhorsed on his dozen or so familiar concepts, ignoring the substance of the questions he was asked. 
    Hillary Clinton didn't get the questions ahead of time.* Any idiot would have known what policy questions Chris Wallace would raise. But Donald Trump is not just any idiot.  He's special. Idiocy is the one area where he truly excels. 

* Events later showed that, actually, she had, the rare instance of one of Trump's wild charges actually being true. That said, I think the point still stands.


  1. He is nauseating. It almost seems impossible that hegets worse everyday.

  2. What we know about Trump the tip of the iceberg. You should be reading David Cay Johnston's articles about him and his new book Making of Donald Trump

  3. "Which leads us to the subjects raised at the debate: the Supreme Court. Immigration. The economy. These were surprises to Trump?"

    Of course they were, because he characteristically refused to do any preparation for the debate. (Notice how he said he spent the afternoon watching attack ads?) Since he is constitutionally incapable of taking any responsibility or admitting that he is to blame for anything, the only possible explanation can be that Hillary cheated.

  4. Glad to see this and well said all around.

  5. This business of "rigging the election" and Hillary cheating is as if the Cubs, in advance, stated that if they didn't win the World Series this year it would be because Major League Baseball doesn't want them to win. As a Cubs fan I would find that psychologically debilitating; were I a Trump fan, I'd be inclined to dump Trump and go with Alfred E. Neuman.


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  8. It's not just the ignorance and stupidity, he's gone beyond into insane, delusional behavior. What's scary is how many Republicans are still supporting him, trying to rationalize his abusive, anti-democracy taunts and deplorable comments that still focus on women and minorities. What can they possibly hope to gain from standing by this unpatriotic lunatic?

  9. It looks like we will not be benefiting from all those wonderfully talented people Trump was going to bring into his administration. Giuliani as Attorney General (to be retitled Grand Inquisitor); Governor Christie as Secretary of Transportation; and I believe the new Vice President would be qualified to lead the nation in prayer.

    Tom Evans


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