Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump brand now shining like a lead balloon

     There are many ways to vote against Donald Trump.
     Vote early now or at the ballot box Nov. 8.
     Either way works. But that still isn’t enough for some to register their disdain for the talking yam who would shrug off our cherished democracy.
     Walking through a Barnes & Noble this week, Michele Kurlander turned books by Donald Trump around, so their covers faced the wall.
     “Childish,” she said. “But it made me feel better.”
     In May, when the Los Angeles Dodgers were at Chicago and staying at the Trump International Hotel and Towers, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez refused to join his teammates at the hotel.
     “I didn’t stay there,” Gonzalez said. “I had my reasons.”
     And Elonide Semmes, president of Right Hat, a boutique branding agency headquartered in Chicago, instructed her staff not to stay in Trump hotels as they crisscross the country helping companies forge corporate identities. The epiphany came on the Chicago River during an architectural boat tour.

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  1. Ugh. He ruins everything! That new Washinton DC hotel is in a beautiful building but would anyone who could afford it want to stay there. It probably can't survive on business from Rudy Giuliani and Russsian businessmen. Many of my daughters college friends live out east and belonged to Trump Golf clubs which to the probable horror of many of his supporters were welcoming of Jews unlike other clubs in their area. All have now left and in an ironic twist have been welcomed by clubs that once wouldn't have taken them, perhaps being " woke" by of all people DJT.

  2. His brand, as even he acknowledges, is his biggest asset. Or was. He'll still have his hard core of rabid supporters, but methinks they aren't prosperous enough to sustain him.

  3. I'm guessing there may also be a Trump divorce some time after his election loss.

  4. Funny column by conservative pundit S.E. Cupp in today's Sun Times lamenting the fact that "outsider" Trump, as its new face, is destroying the Republican party and all the wonderful work if has been doing for the American people. As if all those people who voted for him in the primaries were Martians.

    A shame Donald seems to have dropped his outreach to the Black community. I thought he showed a lot of natural rhythm clapping and swaying to the gospel music in those Black churches. If he would spend some time in Chicago, where he owns property, the Reverend Pfleger could probably teach him how to talk Black.

    Tom Evans

  5. You would think that even the deplorables would start to realize that this man who cannot control what comes out of his mouth, if elected, would be the spokesman for all Americans. No matter how much I might like the slob down the bar spouting off about the demise of American glory I wouldn't want his careless, ignorant blathering to represent my thoughts, regardless of how ill-informed I might be.


  6. what is that smell Neil? a rotting equine carcass. please stop beating it

  7. Good column in the Sat. ST from G. Lyons on how Trump is like one of those bragging wresters at Wrestemania and his followers like those fans.

    FME, there is plenty to beat here. The orange horse is still at it.

    1. i am so tired of so many sinking to his level. the name calling , the disparaging remarks. if we do what we complain about in others who are we? go vote for the candidate of your choice. thats all thats left to do


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