Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday fun activity: What is it?

     Why didn't I think of this before?
     For years, I've posted enigmatic places, and only once stumped the Great Hive Intelligence.
     Because people get around. And anyplace I've been to and snapped a photograph of, odds are, one of the thousands reading has been to as well.
     But this ... this, thing, I have a good feeling about.
     A musical instrument, obviously. But what sort of musical instrument? 
     I'll give you two hints.
     First, it is a common term, not something exotic and unknown. It is something whose name people will have heard, at least people—second hint alert—of a certain age, of an age nearing my own. Younger people might not have heard of it, for reasons that will become obvious when I tell you what it is.
Obscure starlet Jennifer McShane
     So what is this thing? The winner will receive ... an undrilled, unused though not new bowling ball with an interesting back story. That is, you'll receive it provided you come to the paper and pick it up. I'm not shipping the thing. A bowling ball signed by the obscure starlet Jennifer McShane. And if you're wondering why I'm giving away an unused, though not new, bowling ball signed by obscure starlet Jennifer McShane, it is because I'll be moving to the new building in a few months, and it won't do to have all this stuff I've accumulated. 
    And if you're wondering why I own a bowling ball signed by obscure starlet Jennifer McShane, well, I tell the story in a column, on that I can't believe I haven't shared with you yet. But I will. Tomorrow. Do consider stopping by. 



  1. I haven't heard that term used in decades! I always thought that it referred to a huge thing like a calliope.
    I also never knew what one looked like, so now I know.
    But I'm not answering, because I have absolutely no use for a bowling ball, no matter who signed it. Well, a Babe Ruth signed one yes, but some no talent actress no one ever heard of.

    1. Remember Donovan's song, "Hurdy Gurdy Man"? I was curious back then to know what the hell he was singing about. Everyone assumed it was nonsense. It wasn't.

  2. Shoot! I just found it. At least I won't have to figure out what to do with an undrilled bowling ball. Good luck Tony.

  3. So much for waiting until 7:00 a.m. for the early-risers, instead of the night-owls. ; ) 8 comments and the solution, double-confirmed, by 1:15, not bad!

    Not that I care. I'm older than Neil and, while I guess I've heard the term "hurdy-gurdy," I had absolutely no freaking idea what it referred to. Nor do I remember the Donovan song. Enjoy the "undrilled, unused though not new bowling ball," Tony! : )

    1. I too am older than Neil (exactly 18 years older), but thought "hurdy-gurdy" was an accordion of sorts, generally played by a trained monkey turning a crank.

      Glad not to win this one!


  4. Thanks. I actually saw a street musician playing one in Boston a couple of months ago. Strange coincidence. The old guy knew what he was doing, I guess. It had a pleasant enough sound.

  5. Well I'm too late, opened the page, and wondered what's up w the hurdy gurdy. Beautiful instrument though.

  6. Right you are! We saw this in the Galeria Dell'Accademia in Florence. I would have breezed by, but Edie, the last flower child, saw it, and drew my attention to it, singing the Donovan song. I would have waited to 7 a.m., but was fairly confident that no one would get it -- misplaced confidence, once again. Congratulations Tony. Can't blame you for not wanting the bowling ball. Let me look around the office and see something more shipable and suggest an alternate prize.


    Wounder if page ever played it?



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