Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Space Force to the rescue!

     We live in the Golden Age of Irony.
     Either that, or irony is dead.
     I'm not sure which.
     Unless irony is both alive and dead,.
     Which wouldn't make sense. Then again, there's a lot of not-making-sense going around lately.
     We've almost gotten used to it.
     Time was, the president of the United States said some blatant, self-serving lie, it was a big deal. Now the media just sighs and shuffles over to an enormous slate wall covered floor-to-ceiling with hash marks, picks up a stub of chalk, climbs a ladder and draws another vertical line. Scrrreeee.
     At least we're keeping track. Maybe that's how we'll think of this historical era, someday, if we can bear to think of it at all. "Back when we kept track...."
      The Era of Keeping Track, reality on this side, the near-hallucinogenic state of Donald Trump's inflamed ego on the other. The verifiable, fact-based world, to the left, and to the right, a steamy chaotic whirlwind chaos of fabrication and paranoia, starting with the president and funneling into his entire support infrastructure of sycophants and enablers and apologists and quislings.
     And voters. Yeah, you. Have you picked up on the fact that I'm criticizing the president? Just now? Really? About time. Where have you been? No, don't answer that. Don't answer at all. Because a) yes, I'm paid to write this b) yes, I really believe it; c) no, I don't consider either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to be the true cause of our nation's woes; d)...
     Where was I?
     Irony, both alive and dead.

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  1. Hilarious (though the situation)-it reminds me of the Honeymooners re-runs with Norton wearing a space helmet ranting about Captain Video.

  2. Everything has to be a spectacle with Trump. The big dope would be just as happy with a space theme park orbiting the earth. Uh oh... He doesn't read this, does he?

  3. To keep from being depressed over yet another bugfuck crazy utterance from our Stable Genius in Chief, I'll just stick to the delicious schizophrenia of the uniforms for "Fleet Commander" and "Rocket Test Pilot." The chest graphics say "superhero," while the peaked cap with the cheery red-on-yellow logo says "Nazi soda jerk."

  4. I would pay any price to see the Orange Moron launched into space, orbiting the sun, until an asteroid or military space weapon hits him.

    1. I would pay for five minutes with the military men present when he announced this gem. They had to be rolling their eyes or stifling laughter at the moment but wondering if their patriotism and sense of duty could call for a coup to oust this idiot.

    2. I'll chip in, Sandy.
      We'll call him space junk until the day we forget he's up there.

  5. And now His Orangeness wants to "dominate" space. Does Mister Bluster actually know how vast "outer space" really is? Or even the part surrounding Earth? Has he ever opened a book, let alone read it? Who took his tests for him in that military school?

    I had to laugh when I heard about his "sixth armed force"...or whatever the hell he called it. The other five branches all have wonderful anthems. Will there be a sixth song played at patriotic ceremonies? Something newly-written that sounds terrible? Or will they just steal a tune from somewhere else?

    Yeah, that's the ticket. It's how Orange World taking credit for the successes of others, and blaming others for all the failures. of which there are too damn many to count anymore.


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