Thursday, July 23, 2020

The invasion of Chicago

     Donald Trump has already shown he'll do anything to create footage for a campaign commercial. He'll call West Point graduates back from all over the country to hear him mouth empty platitudes lauding the country he betrays. He'll pack his fans into an auditorium in Tulsa at the height of an infectious pandemic—or try to, thwarted only because even his rabid supporters balked at risking their lives to give him his boisterous backdrop.
    Now he's risking lives again, sending officers—from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an agency he routinely ridicules, plus the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Marshals Service, and the Department of Homeland Security, to Chicago, 200 of them, in order to ... well, fight crime in some undefined way.
    "Frankly, we have no choice but to get involved," Trump said Wednesday, calling his effort a "surge."
    In his view, no, he has no choice. He can't choose to cope with the COVID pandemic. A little late for that. He has no choice but try to distract the public from the worsening  epidemic he bungled from Day One. To try to create a bleak aura of menace to infuse the commercials he needs to give his fear junkie Republicans their next fix and get them to turn out and vote for him, again, despite his clear record of incompetence and failure.  
     He has no choice. He can't—or won't—protect the lives of United States soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, not when his Russian masters are putting a price on their heads. Not a peep about that. But when it gives him a chance to lash out at Democratic cities, he has no choice.  His is compelled by whatever pathology has ruined him as a human being and threatens to ruin us as a country too. 
     Give George H. W. Bush credit. Willie Horton's crimes were in the past when Bush served him up as the poster boy for white fear. He didn't go out and recruit Horton, nor cause new crimes to occur so he could point hysterically at them. 
     Donald Trump can't say that. Strike that. Donald Trump can say anything, and does. 
     "Politicians running many of our cities have put interests of criminals above law abiding citizens," Trump lied, mouthing the words Stephen Miller wrote for him. “These same politicians have now embraced the far left movement to break up our police departments causing violent crime in their cities to spiral–and I mean spiral seriously—out of control.” 
     Says the man who can't control his own mouth, not for a minute. Yet he would control us.


  1. I have been working at the Dierkson federal building the last few days now that they have reopened for contractors to return. The place is nearly empty no trials very few employees. Sitting outside at lunch the surrounding plaza usually bussling is a ghost town. Except for the press itching for action. On my cigarette break I see them. A group of about 40 federal agents having a meet and great in the elevator lobby. The new personnel has arrived , to protect against nobody and nothing. I'll see if any of them have been deployed to the west side this morning on my way to work. Out in the neighborhood fighting crime lol. Sure pal.

  2. I have to say, just as a joke of course, that it would be insanely easy to round up the "usual suspects" here in Chicago. Just have to go to a City Council meeting -- they'll all be there, self-rounded up.


  3. Does anyone remember when a lot of people were all hysterical over Jade Helm, the military exercise in 2015 that supposedly meant Obama was going to take over the American Southwest and hide terrorist immigrants in tunnels and old Wal-Marts, or something?

    I wonder if any of those people care that real, live federal troops are being openly sicced on civilians in American cities right now.

  4. Nailed it! I find Heir Furher's going dark on the US Soldier / Bounty revelation to be particularily galling. Disgusting hypocracy.
    Personally, I have faith that Lori will dominate the import of these Federal Officers, and mitigate any horrors they would otherwise instigate.

  5. I like to think of these guys marching into Washington Park on Garfield and tearing down abandoned buildings and building a nice grocery store. That might be helpful.

  6. Hopefully the Lincoln Project can capture (for their next Ad) the footage of the Federal agents standing around and/or looking for the civil unrest that doesn't exist. I'm not saying there isn't street violence in Chicago, but trying to figure out the right block(s) where an incident will occur on a particular day isn't really possible

  7. The daily N.Y. Times email yesterday led off with this:

    “The Trump campaign is spending millions on ads that promote a dark and exaggerated portrayal of Democratic-led cities, a tactic that reinforces his ‘law and order’ campaign message.”

    I mean, I realize that Cult 45 is unreachable, but are there a lot of suburban “swing” voters who aren’t aware of the fact that Trump is the most blatant criminal in the history of the office? Marking his election by settling a $25-million lawsuit for Trump University fraud. Ordered to pay $2 million to settle the case with regard to Trump Foundation fraud. Impeached and essentially an unindicted co-conspirator in the Russia probe. Paid hush money to Stormy Daniels. Corruptly pardoning or commuting the sentences of his criminal accomplices when they actually are held accountable. Etc., etc., etc.

    Deciding that “law and order” is the message he needs to push, because he’s got nothing else, is really grasping at straws. Uh, ’cause he’s a criminal, himself. If only I could be sure that it won’t work.

  8. I can't find enough vile words to encompass the scope and substance of this Ahole.

    May history have mercy on this sad stage.

  9. Nice image from Cleveland in 2016. I remember seeing those guys, as well people from DHS, which can now be renamed Homeland Insecurity, because they make folks so nervous, and with good reason.

    There were law enforcement personnel in downtown Cleveland from all over the country in 2016, from as far away as Florida and California. And the Feds, of course. Everybody wore their patches, their steenkeeng bahd-jess, and their nametags. Everybody behaved themselves. There were NO Chicago officers present. They, of course, eagerly offered to help, but were not invited. Gee, I wonder why?

    Also, several thousand Ohio National Guardsmen were billeted in college dorms, about five miles away. All that overkill probably kept both sides out of town, and prevented another Chicago '68...or worse. Except for a minor flag-burning incident, it was a political Woodstock...four days of relative peace--and mouth music.

    I worry 24/7 about our country's future, and especially about the fate of my hometown. If Agolf Tweetler goes into full-on invasion mode, perhaps the gangbangers may call a truce and unite against Orange Hair. They've been expecting this for years, and they're armed and ready. Will Sniffy activate the Army and the Marines, too? He may need them, to come rolling in from O'Hare.

    It's obvious he never, ever cracked a history book, or he'd remember another time that tribal unity thing a yellow-haired dude by the name of Custer. Donnie-boy would also remember another well-known town, on a large body of water. Its name has long-since been changed, but it was once known as Stalingrad.

  10. The Goon squads deployed in Portland is a lot more scary than what we’ve seen. It’s too reminiscent of Nazi Germany when Hitler sent his troops to round up the Jews. This could be the first step in that direction except the victims won’t necessarily be Jews. They’ll be anyone who disagrees with his nonsense. The only ones who can stop him are Republican senators. Not comforting.


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