Monday, August 17, 2020

Fresca’s back! Mystery of its absence solved

     Hooray! Fresca’s back, Fresca is back. At least back at the Jewel in Northbrook. In liter bottles, at first, and now in the way God intended: cans.
     And no, I did not clear the shelves. The sign said “Two for $4” and I limited myself to two of the big green plastic bottles and then, on my next visit, two 12-packs of cans. Why deny others the joy of slugging back that cool, grapefruitish non-calorie beverage?
     For those whose attention has wandered — understandable, between raging pandemic and erosion of every institution and value Americans once held dear — it was late June that I hesitatingly asked: “What happened to Fresca?”
     That column exploded. I heard from frustrated Fresca drinkers all over the country.
     “I couldn’t find it anywhere in/around Sacramento CA and even called the local distributor who gave me no information, no call back, zero,” explained Rebecca Weaver.
    “Here in the Dallas, Texas area, my husband and I covered a 20-mile radius searching for it,” commiserated Jamey Garner-Yeric.
     “After a fruitless search today in Charleston, SC, I found your article on the internet,” wrote John Shilling.

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  1. Don't forget, the reason for the aluminum can shortage is Trump.
    The US only produces about 20% of the aluminum we use, the rest is imported, much of which is from Canada & that orange idiot has increased the tariffs on aluminum from Canada, for reasons that exist only in the rocks & sawdust that make up what's inside what passes for his brains!
    So the can manufacturers cut back production & Coca-Cola decided to prioritize certain of its brands.

  2. Dogs be praised! Now I'll be heading over by the Jewels to secure me some.

  3. nice skewering of the blue noses at evanston college

  4. Holy moly. Supply and demand, indeed. A 24-can case of the stuff is $36.72 on Amazon right now. Meanwhile, the 12-pack as pictured in your shopping cart is $4.99, but out of stock.

    I just think it's interesting that the package specifically calls it "Sparkling Soda Water" in a none-too-subtle attempt to brand it as a competitor to La Croix and other hot-selling sparkling waters.

    Happy for you that your beloved nectar is available again. Hey, I like grapefruit juice and I like fizzy water, but frankly I can do without the "aspartame, potassium sorbate, acesulfame potassium, potassium benzoate, calcium disodium edta, and carob bean gum." Not that anybody asked! ; )

    1. I wonder when they made that change to the descriptor. The cans I have, purchased sometime last year, are marked Sparkling Flavored Soda.

  5. Surprised this was not the lead story in the paper today. Glad you stayed on it until you found out what was going on. I might even have to try one just to see if it's that good. To see if it lives up to the story.

  6. Happy to hear that the brand is back. Now can someone explain to me:

    What the hell has happened to calamari?

    We can't find it anywhere. None of the Italian joints in Cleveland are offering it. That wonderful squid dish has just disappeared. Something to do with the Plague? Where does most of it come from? Is it no longer allowed into the States?


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