Friday, August 28, 2020

Trump ends convention with one truth

     It had to happen.
     Donald Trump said something entirely true.
     Not true in the way he meant it, of course, and nestled in his usual thicket of lies.
     But there it was, in his speech Thursday closing the 2020 Republican National Convention, with the White House gang-pressed into service as a scenic backdrop, in violation of both law and American tradition:
     “This is the most important election in the history of our country,” he said. “At no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies or two agendas.”
     No kidding. Those two philosophies are the fact-free, law-flouting, malevolent cult of personality that is Trumpism, taking a pickaxe to the foundations of American democracy.
     And the other, offering at least hope of return to an America of decency, intelligence and integrity.
     The choice between ignoring a pandemic and doing everything possible to stop it.
     Trump’s speech capped what has been a four-day master-class in cynicism, beginning to end.

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  1. I must disagree with you about Melanoma being dressed like Ilsa, The She-Wolf of the SS.
    That outfit looked more like a Red Army women's uniform of WWII.
    Hugo Boss designed the SS uniforms & made them in black, with lots of leather trim.
    I think there's a reason for the Red Army influence. Many people claim that Melanoma is his handler, as he's a Russian asset. Only a rumor, but then, that is what trump traffics in, rumors & innuendo!

  2. The theme of the convention was: Re-elect Trump and he'll undo all the damage he's caused so far. We'll see how compelling that message is.

  3. I saw the obscene spectacle as their last gasp to toss red meat to the wolves. They did a good job.🤥

  4. This was an excellent column, but by far my favorite line is “Trump promised us that COVID-19 would magically vanish, and for four days, it did.”

    Of course, we can expect a few new outbreaks as attendees return home.

  5. I just read a few details from Melanoma's fired chief of staff & the original inauguration planner. She wrote in her book, that one reason Melanoma wouldn't live in the White House, was she wouldn't use the same shower & toilet that Michelle Obama used.
    That really sounds racist, right out of the Jim Crow South, where there were separate toilets for Whites & Colored [that was the writing on the signs, I took a photo of one when I was 14 & my dad said be quick, we don't want anyone to see me taking that photo].

  6. I find it pretty odd that, out of the numerous choices that must have been available, the photo that the S-T chose to accompany this column makes it look like the Maximum Leader has a halo. Which is what delusional Evangelicals probably think is the case.

    "'You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,' Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday, citing unrest that is happening right now in Donald Trump’s America." Indeed, 4 years of the president emboldening racists has somehow resulted in racists being emboldened, eventually resulting in protests. How did that ever happen? Yet, The Apprentice producers aren't quite sharp enough to realize that all the video that they use to describe the feared dystopia following a Biden win has been shot during Trump's regime.

    Which one of the oft-cited "checks and balances" that were supposedly going to save us from the worst of Trump's excesses are involved in penalizing him for violating the Hatch Act? Or the emoluments clause? I'm sure Moscow Mitch is looking into it right now.

    Hard to decide if Melanie's fascinating wardrobe choice was made to facilitate comparisons to Eva Braun or if it's a Red Army homage, but Clark St. makes a strong case for the latter. I hadn't heard that she's Trump's handler but "many people are saying" that he's a Russian agent, that's for sure.

    Thumbs up to Bitter Scribe. Succinct and on-point.

    1. "Odd" is not the word. My editor looked hard for that photo which, as you observe, underscores the point perfectly.

    2. With all due respect, I think it's odd that your editor purposely chose that image. If odd is not the word, I'll switch to annoying. You could ironically title the column "Donald Trump is the Messiah!" EGD readers would get it, but Trumpians aren't noted for their perceptiveness. Not that the column would be read by many of them, regardless. I guess, mainly, I think that the Maximum Leader would *love* that photo; to me it's like your editor is playing his game. Thus, I hate it.

  7. The thought that we might not, as a nation, "protect America from the danger of this president" come November is too much to even consider.

  8. What the hell do people see in him? They act like he’s the second coming of Christ.

  9. "This is the most important election in the history of our country. At no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies or two agendas.”

    He is, unfortunately, telling the truth. We face some clear choices...all of which have to do with choosing either the start of a return to "normalcy" or the end of American life as we know it:

    * Between control of the Plague in 2021 or millions of new cases and hundreds of thousands of additional in 1919.

    * Between economic recovery in 2021...or a decade-long repeat of the 1930s...perhaps worse.

    *Between a forseeable end to our national nightmare by 2021 or the start of "The Troubles"...and a rapid descent into chaos, madness, bloodshed, violent death, anarchy, and a Second Civil War. An internal struggle more destructive and deadly than anything imaginable in the 1860s.

    Thw last choice may well be the most crucial choice of all, for it will ultimately determine the answer to the ultimate question: Will America continue to exist?

    Perhaps it can all be boiled down into just one sentence:

    "Do you want America...or do you want Northern Ireland?"

    Your call, folks...


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