Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

    One of the sadder manifestations of the general weakening of religious faith in this country is the fate of church buildings, often lovely, charming old structures that find themselves without congregants or purpose, slowly declining over decades before falling into decay, if not ruin, then finally torn down, a loss to architecture and to their individual neighborhoods. 
     The few churches being built today are typically constructed in the suburbs, new homes for urban congregations that have pulled up roots and fled, taking their prosperity elsewhere.   
      But when I investigated these gleaming new copper domes this week, what I found was a brand new construction of considerable size, right next to the old church building that it will replace. The new building is scheduled to be completed next year. 
      What's the name of this Chicago church? Were is it? Since my winner last week got so excited over her book, let's give away another—a copy of "Complete & Utter Failure," perhaps my favorite. Make sure to post your guesses below. 


  1. Advocate of the Anti-ChristJuly 26, 2014 at 7:05 AM

    Planet Earth. So where's my prize?

  2. I think I've walked by the thing a couple of 100 times somewhere close to St. Mary's Hospital in the Wicker Park / Ukrainian Village neighborhood. Exactly where or the name of the church, no clue. But I'm definitely waiting for someone to answer correctly. The last couple of Saturday challenges have been tough.

  3. Neat building, love those bold lines,and unconventional choice for a church. Good for the mystery congregants!

  4. It's Holy Nativity Romanian Orthodox Church, located just southeast of Mather High School, by Lincoln/Bryn Mawr, in Chicago.

    1. Yes! Congratulations. (Sorry, I was out gardening and just came back in). Email me your address at

  5. Saints Volodymyr and Ohla Catholic Church in Ukranian Village?

  6. St. Joseph Ukrainian: Cumberland Ave. JMFendrych


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