Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     Naked women, alas, just aren't the design element they used to be. I suppose the improvement in the status of women in our culture deserves the blame ... err, credit. It just won't do to have a modestly draped guy standing protectively over a buck nekkid lady—people would complain—and prominently displayed in a public place in Chicago at that. 
     Which is too bad. I could see a world where such motifs were possible again, perhaps with a twist though, now that I consider the possibility, we still couldn't do it. The truth is, were it the other way around, the woman in the back, the guy in front, showing off his assets, it would have been howled down long ago, and nobody would have the courage to try it today, which is sad. Our decor is dull and cheap with few human forms, the essence of beauty. 
      As it is, I imagine this one will get ID'ed fairly quickly. Not exactly off the beaten trail, this. I'm offering up, well, because it's pretty and right here and because I've arrived home at nearly midnight after watching the Bulls lose a heartbreaker to the Cavaliers. 
    Well, not a "heartbreaker," really. A close, well fought game, that went into overtime, but considering that Jimmy Butler, whose job it is to thwart Lebron James, was out with a bruised thumb, we did pretty well. Especially since Derrick Rose hobbled off the court early with a sprained ankle—you could hear the room go quiet when he pulled up hurt. I turned and socked my brother in the arm, since the last game he attended was when Derrick tore his ACL. 
    Besides, the refs gave the game to the Cavaliers. 
    But enough sports. I'm hot to toss this out into the world and get to bed. Good luck figuring it out. 
     The prize is another in the line of the fine Bridgeport coffee, 12 ounces of Guatemala whole bean coffee. Which reminds me: the contest has one rule, it's first: You can't win if your name is Dale. We had a Dale win twice in the past month, and while he seems a nice fellow, that's enough. So, with that rule in mind—no Dales—onward. Where is this amorous duo? Remember to post your guesses below. 


  1. Palmer House lobby?

    1. Yeah, I saw that coming. Congratulations. Send your address to me at and I'll send you your coffee.


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