Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

     I had driven that road for years. But maybe I had never stopped at that particular light before, and never looked in that particular direction.
     But there he was. 
    Abraham Lincoln, seated on a park bench, of all places, idling the afternoon away, watching traffic.
     Which I think he deserves. 
     Here, I'll blow it up a bit. Lincoln, right? On a blue sofa, more than a bench. 
     He's on a fairly busy street, so I don't imagine he'll stump you for long.
     Nothing seems to stump you.
     Forget "seems."
     Nothing stumps you.
     But I'm working on it.
     I'm sort of hoping whoever cracks this can fill me in a bit on this Lincoln.
     Which is my way of being lazy, because I could just drive there, park and, one expects, finds a plaque or something.
     But who has time for that?
     Anyway, where is this place? 
     The winner will receive a bag of fine Bridgeport coffee. They are now an official sponsor of this blog; I would draw your attention to their advertisement, and encourage you to drink it. I do.
     Please post your guesses below. Good luck. 



  1. Oh boy, I know exactly where that is, Neil!! I've won once this year already, so I defer to someone else...

    1. Sporting of you Ed, I appreciate it. I figure it'll be cracked pretty easily.

    2. Southwest corner of Milwaukee Avenue and Touhy in front of the Niles Veterans Memorial Waterfall.

    3. Yes Betsy, congrats. Email me your address, to, and I'll mail you your Bridgeport coffee.


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