Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

    Okay, you guys. You think you're so good, just because you've cracked every "Where IS this?" I've thrown at you so far, even that chunk of stone that turned out to be tucked in a corner of the Baha'i Temple.
    Well, I think I was being kind. Letting you off easy. Lobbing you softballs. Which I wasn't even aware of, not until I saw this whatsit sitting right out in this ... very public place. 
   I have no idea what it is. Something allegorical. The  scupture evokes a certain 1940s painting, Peter Blume's "The Rock," in the Art Institute. Not that it's there, though it is ... within 10 blocks. 
     Have you seen this bronze thingy? You needn't know what it is, but you need to answer: Where is it? The correct guess will win something very special—this CTA sent to me, years ago, by Frank Kruesi, when he was the head of the CTA, after I wrote a column mocking his choice of neckwear (I basically said he shouldn't be announcing major cutbacks and CTA snafus in a joke necktie).
     The tie is silk, and has a lovely (okay, not so lovely) CTA map of downtown Chicago on it. (hideous, really). It's never been worn, obviously, but it's a true piece of Chicagoana that has hung in my office for years, certain to spice up your holiday parties and gatherings. The winner snags it. Good luck. Post your guesses below. 


  1. I'm guessing the Congress Plaza Hotel lobby.

  2. For the win! Congratulations Scott -- I was in mid-gloat, reflecting that I had at last done it. Send me your address at and I'll mail you your tie on Monday. I thought I had a chance because, really, who goes into the lobby of the Congress hotel? I was meeting Gandhi's grandson there a week or two back.

  3. I wear my CTA map tie from time to time. Always gets a comment or two.

  4. Why do I have to prove I am not a robot? Shouldn't robots have a right to express themselves too? Unfair.

  5. are you doing these saturday things just to clean out your office?

  6. Hooray for the winner of a Hideous Tie John W

    1. I was going to say it was the lobby of the Hilton, but if I was correct, I would have worn something the creep that nearly destroyed the CTA had owned & I certainly didn't want to be correct & win that.

  7. I own that same tie. Love it. Never worn it. Any event fancy enough for me to feel the need to put a tie on deserves more: my Louis Sullivan pattern, or the Celtic script one.


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