Saturday, July 9, 2016

Joe Walsh is an idiot

    Is there any situation that Joe Walsh can't make worse? As the nation reeled from the murders of five policemen in Dallas Thursday night, Walsh popped up on Twitter, blaming Obama and urging that he be ... what exactly? "This is now war." Here's the Tweet. 
     He does know that Obama has already served out his two terms, mostly, and won't be running again? Maybe he doesn't. Speculating on what Joe Walsh does or doesn't know is an endless task. Like plumbing the depth of a bottomless well.
     I remembered having coffee with Walsh when he last ran in 2012—I actually try to be open to the other side and listen to what they have to say, talk about thankless tasks. I'll post that chestnut tomorrow. 
    In the meantime, as an appetizer, the last time Walsh appeared in my column, from November four years ago.  Note the helpful, ignored advice to the GOP in the second graph. They can't say they weren't warned about how to avoid their current disaster. Judging by the tone, the presidential ballots were still being counted, but it was clear that Walsh was toast. I was a little giddy, thinking we were rid of him. But like a bad penny, he keeps coming back:

     Maybe this is like one of those Christmas movies where everybody gets a second chance to relive their botched lives, doing it right this time. Maybe Barack Obama will pull it out, and get that shiny new second term he always wanted, a true holiday miracle, freed of the political fetters that hobbled him from doing all he said he dreamed to do for the country.
     Maybe the Republican Party will awake from its long night of obstruction and pandering to its radical fringe. Maybe they'll announce themselves changed men and give Bob Cratchit that big raise and realize the government is supposed to do more than provide grim workhouses to punish the poor.
     And Joe Walsh lost. That can't be stressed enough. Joe Walsh, Tea Party bigmouth, magically removed from the Illinois political scene, at least for now. Picture Walsh the size of a bundled baby, his howling face red, as Robbie Gould drop-kicks him into the oblivion he so richly deserves. Buh-bye Joe, say hello to Alan Keyes and Jim Oberweis for me when you get there.
     Cue the puffy snowflakes, up with jingling bells, cut to young Natalie Wood, home at last. Christmas came early this year.

     —Originally published in the Sun-Times, Nov. 7, 2012


  1. Obviously he's desperate for attention, these days.

  2. From Joe Walsh to Donald Trump. The Republican Party can't go any lower, yet they still won't admit they're the problem, not these jackasses dredged up from the maelstrom of hate.

    1. "The Republican Party can't go any lower"
      Wanna bet on that?
      When Trump loses, the Republicans can either decides to fix their broken party or more likely the wing-nuts will double down & become even more wing-nutty!

  3. Unfortunately, the asshole got what he wanted, his mug on all the local TV stations explaining that he really didn't mean to suggest violence. As if "this is war" meant anything other than people shooting at each other.

    Tom Evans

  4. Didn't Walsh lose his radio gig some time ago, IIRC for using racial slurs? Now I think he's confined to tweeting and podcasts, which is one step up from talking to yourself in the mirror.

    Bitter Scribe

  5. Good one, Scribe. You have a way with words.

  6. How the hell was our community dumb enough to vote that clown into office in the first place?

  7. And why does he keep referring to himself as an ex-congressman? He only served one 2 year term and was not re-elected. It must be the only real job he ever had. He's a deadbeat dad who failed to pay over $100,000 in child support. Despicable lowlife. PLEASE TAKE HIM OFF THE AIR!!!


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