Monday, July 4, 2016

Take my 4th of July presidential mediocrities quiz!

     Oh cheer up. It’s the Fourth of July. Yes, anyone who loves this country has to be worried that by next July 4 Donald Trump will be president and the red, white and blue, star-spangled banner we all love will suddenly seem a soiled pennant of shame.
     Put it in perspective. Should the ultimate infamy occur this November, and America’s fearful and ignorant elect a bigoted fraud as president, be reassured: he won’t be the most flawed individual ever to hold the highest office in the land. Well, OK, he will be the most flawed individual ever to hold the highest office in the land. But he’ll have plenty of second-place company.
     In celebration of Independence Day, a quiz on some near-Trumpian mediocrities the American miracle has somehow survived.

1. Trump won’t be the first president whose arrival in office was greeted with sorrow. Who was deemed “probably the man of smallest caliber who has ever been made president of the United States”?

a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Calvin Coolidge
c) Harry Truman

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  1. Fun quiz. Even though I flunked miserably. However, I worry about what might happen if the Republicans manage to deny Trump the nomination.


  2. I remember reading that Hoover & his wife ate each night in the White House, with both dressed in formal clothing. They sat at a really long table [maybe 10 feet long], but each sat at the opposite end of the table & never said a word to each other.
    Hoover ran the Belgian relief campaign after WWI, because Belgian children were starving after the war.
    But he didn't give a shit about American children starving in The Great Depression.
    Calling him an ass is far too mild!
    Useless pile of shit is closer to the truth!

  3. Clark, You took the words out of my mouth about Hoover and the Belgian relief. Let's add having the WWI vets tear gassed when they wanted their pensions during the Depression. In my book, he was the worst President so far. Thank goodness for FDR coming in at that time.

    Mr. S. A challenging quiz indeed, even for History majors.

  4. Well, I got five out of nine. I did not know Nixon had moved to New York; the other wrong answers were guesses.

  5. Even Whitehouse usher Ike Hoover didn't like Herbert, but I think he's blamed excessively for the Depression and MacArthur's brutal treatment of veterans seeking the aid they were promised.

  6. This was fun, I really enjoyed taking it and only missed two. I didn't know the Nixon one and thought it was five that was married twice. Not bad for taking it cold. Thanks for writing this and Happy Fourth to all!!!

  7. I seem to recall one or the other Buch doesn't like brockley. Try not to remember much else about them.

    Tom Evans


    No one can sing this like Ray Charles and perfect for today.

  9. He was unwilling and too rigid to experiment and give Americans the benefit of the doubt on direct aid. He deserves a good share if not all the blame.

  10. Read in the Sun-Times today that the bastard Trump isn't even giving his workers health benefits at the Atlantic City Casino, after the bankruptcy. Guess he has plenty of money to spend on campaigning though. Why blue collars laborers would vote for him is beyond me.

  11. I think I'll keep this one in, as a reminder of what we're up against. You can vote for Hillary Clinton. Or you can help out THIS guy.


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