Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Justice Ginsburg snaps at the bait

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

     I once had an editor who I once described this way: "He's not only timid, but inspires timidity in others."
     That's how leadership works. You act a certain way, and people see it, and follow your example, either because they like your style, or to curry favor, or because your actions, performed by a person in a position of authority, lend them a certain unspoken permission.
     That is what we are seeing with Donald Trump, who has made bullying and personal attack an even more common part of American politics than they already were, which is saying a lot. 

      Not only does every knuckle-dragging hater now feel free to stand up and walk the streets of our social discourse, but you get respected people like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court justice, denouncing Trump as a "faker" and worse, an action legal experts consider at best unwise, since it calls her impartiality into question should, say, the 2016 election end up before the high court the way the 2000 election did.
     You can see why it happened. Trump candidacy poses an existential crisis to any patriotic American, and credit must be given to the Bushes, Mitt Romney, Dan Webb, and other rock-ribbed Republicans who also denounced him, and went on record that they just could not support Trump, no matter what the GOP did. Ginsburg also felt she had to denounce Trump as the looming disaster he without question is.
     Of course, once you do that, you're playing Trump's game. He immediately attacked Ginsburg as a "a disgrace to the Court" and demanded that she resign.
     "It's so beneath the court for her to be making statements like that," Trump continued, and we know we have strayed into a particularly surreal realm when Trump is delivering lectures on dignity. Does anyone doubt how he'd react had Ginsburg instead praised him? Support for Trump is the measure of all things: those in his corner are winners, those opposed, losers. That is his value system. Whether it becomes our nation's too, well, that is what this struggle is all about. 


  1. The only way to get a Supreme Court Judge to acknowledge him is to attack. When will this nightmare end?

  2. A Supreme Court Justice should resign but a candidate for the most powerful position in the world can say any derogatory thing he wants, no matter how racist, sexist or delusional his remarks may be? What would happen to this country if we elect this megalomaniac?

  3. I hope Clinton wins if for no other reason than to watch people's heads explode on election day.

  4. Good for Ginsberg. Too much of this country's leadership is refusing to say the obvious about Trump.

  5. Just remember, on November 8, you're not just voting for who will become president, but who will appoint at least three Supreme Court justices, along with dozens of appellate court judges.
    Do we want more sane judges, like RBG or do we want wretched troglodytes like the thankfully dead & gone Scalia?

  6. thank you RBG for speaking out, why should freedom of sheech not apply to her? Why more people in high offices don't send out a warning cry is beyond me, have we learned nothing or devolved into a Game of Thrones mental zombie state? My guess is probably so....but if we pick that man to represent us, I guess it is a window to our lost souls and we deserve to go down in flames.

  7. And now she just apologized...too bad.

  8. ss much as i love me some RBG, i have to disagree.
    il Douche isn't "a faker." he's a genuine narcissistic jerk.


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