Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

   It's been a busy week. Not only in Cleveland for the convention, but last weekend, Dallas, which made for four flights in seven days. Whew. Then again, the whole year has been like that, jetting around from Japan to Joshua Tree. Not complaining—it's fun to go new places, and keeps life interesting, as well as providing fodder for the Saturday challenge.
     With that in mind, who is this guy, waving with such stolid affability? And where is he? While I can't hope to stump you, as I did last week for the first time, he's obscure enough, at least now, that I can hope you won't just see his face, snap your fingers and go, "Of course! It's good old..."  I had enough hope to airbrush out the name of the building, which was generic, but still gave a way the game on Google. So maybe I won't have to go to the trouble of putting a prize in the post, which this week is ... well, let's go with the 2015 poster. I really have to get rid of those things, and don't want to just burn them. 
     Place your guesses below. Good luck. 


  1. Is it Frank Rizzo, former mayor and police chief?


    1. You're correct.
      I'm wondering why there isn't a bronze bomb next to him, since he once had a building in Philly bombed & managed to burn the entire block down.!

    2. Peter, you are correct! Email your address to me at and I'll rush you your poster.

  2. Or a pose of him looking down at the hole in the roof of the newly constructed Spectrum, while he was police commissioner. Why he was up there nobody knows.


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