Friday, August 26, 2016

Criticize me and you criticize everyone like me

     Being black and being stupid are two entirely separate, independent conditions. Blackness does not make you stupid any more than stupidity makes you black. If it did, a lot of Donald Trump supporters would wake up aghast to find themselves suddenly African-American (though not as horrified as African-Americans would be to suddenly have all these Trump supporters in their midst).
     The two conditions can, of course, reside in the same individual, such as former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun who was both black and dumber than a rock. She manifested this in a variety of alarming ways, including, as I pointed out during her quixotic bid for mayor in 2011, by ballyhooing a deeply flawed poll that suggested she would defeat Rahm Emanuel which, let the record show, she did not.
     When I wrote a column elaborating upon that theme, Moseley-Braun howled that I was a racist — you can go on YouTube and see videos of her minions picketing the paper, demanding I be fired — arguing that to criticize her was to criticize all African-Americans.
     This came to mind when the senator currently holding her seat, Mark Kirk, said Barack Obama was “acting like a drug dealer in chief” and Kirk’s opponent, Tammy Duckworth, called the remark “unhinged,” which Kirk denounced as an attack on all stroke survivors everywhere.

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  1. Great piece,I believe he's desperately trying to deflect people's opinions away from the fact he's an order following republican lackey.

  2. He's playing victim. Duckworth is right about him because what he said about the President is awful.

    As for Moseley Braun, she was a joke while playing the race card. Good thing the paper stood by you.

    I see one of the bloggers here is in todays reader feedback section of the paper.

  3. I really can't stand this game of "if so-and-so weren't _________, (s)he would never be elected." Yeah, and if your aunt had balls, she'd be your uncle. So what?

    Bitter Scribe

  4. Kirk was an O.K. House member and not the worst Senator, but he lost me when he tried to puff up his military service. He was a "direct commission" officer in the USNR, which meant he served little time on active duty. And he tried to take personal credit for an award earned by his unit -- a big no no. The uniform did undoubtedly give him unusural access. Having a Senator as a member of the team would be considered a major asset in the Pentagon.

    I've met Duckworth and heard her speak, and consider her competent and intelligent. Also, I value her combat experience and her service in the Executive, as an assistant secretary in the VA. It's not a position that would have earned her any politive attention, but the kind of job that provides an unparallelled education in how the Federal system works. She seemed to have a good B.S. detector, particularly regarding defense expenditures.

    Tom Evans

  5. Intrigued by the last two headline pictures. I guessed the first to be the New York public library, but know the one today is the Nude Descenting a Staircase. Which I believe lives in Phiadelphia.


  6. What really infuriates me about this campaign is how Kirk is trying to spin a lawsuit by two malcontents at the Ill. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, who were sore at their supervisor for bad performance reviews, into some sort of "whistleblower" thing to smear Duckworth because she headed the department when the soreheads filed their suit. And if low-information voters conflate this with the problems and delays servicing veterans by the national V.A., well, so much the better for Kirk.

    Bitter Scribe

  7. I can sympathize with Mark Kirk's penchant for wild off-the-wall remarks, being myself someone who says little or nothing until the urge to blurt out something inappropriate, ill-advised and stupid takes over. But sympathy won't buy my vote.


  8. The thing that gets me about Kirk's slam on Obama, calling him the "drug dealer-in-chief" is not that it's wildly disrespectful and smells kind of racist, but that it's just plain stupid and makes no sense.

    Kirk made the remark in reference to Obama releasing $400M to Iran only after Iran released some prisoners, as they had agreed to in the treaty. It's a stretch to call that money ransom because it belonged to Iran in the first place. The US government seized it decades ago as part of economic sanctions against the revolutionary government in Teheran.

    Kirk and a number of other Republican chickenhawks screamed "Ransom" to try to smear the Obama administration as negotiating with terrorists. I don't see it that way, but “The Party of No” will never agree with anything Obama does, so whatever. But what about (allegedly) negotiating with terrorists and paying ransom for prisoners has anything whatsoever to do with being a drug dealer?

  9. Please please please dont remind me of Carol Moseley Braun. She turned out to be a horrible example to us feminists who bscked her- a woman who bent over to the whims of her man. Kgosy. Aacckkk


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