Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nekkid photos of the (would-be) First Lady!

     Nekkid pictures of the would-be First Lady!
     Well, why not?
     From the day Donald Trump descended down the escalator at Trump Tower, declared Mexicans rapists, more or less, and launched a presidential campaign like no other, the idea of having sunk below all usual standards of taste, restraint or expectation has gotten a lot of use, if not been completely worn to a nubbin.
     Each day brings some fresh shock to raise a tingle in our blown-out senses.
    On Sunday, it was the New York Post, splashing nude photographs of Melania Trump, taken from a 1995 photo shoot, across the front page, complete with stars to obscure the naughty bits.
     Then Monday, a second front page, with nude lesbian photos of Melania Trump (which makes one shudder to think what Tuesday might bring).
     This raises so many issues I hope you will forgive me if I just number and list them, in reverse significance.
     1. In a world measured by clicks, does taste really matter? You don't read the New York Post every day—it's tawdry, though not typically this tawdry. But you'll look at it now, to check out the goods on Melania Trump. Which is what journalism has become, apparently.
     2. The whole thing could be a ploy by the Trump campaign. The New York Post, remember, is his ally, prone to splashing unflattering shots of Hillary Clinton with her ...

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  1. First, yes evangelicals are that flexible. Didn't you mention that the American Family whatever group, although foaming at the mouth at the image of two men in bed, are supporting Trump? Can you spell "hypocrisy"? Sure you can.

    Secondly, I was watching MSNBC tonight, and they were going into great detail about Roger Ailes and the many sexual harassment complaints against him. Why isn't the ever-hungry media talking about the accusations of rape by Trump of a then 13-year old girl? It's out there in Slate and Huffpost; I'm sure others have written about it. The media was all over Bill Cosby. Suddently, The Donald is off limits?

    A far as I'm concerned, everything and anything should be done to keep this fool (and that's my best opinion of him) from becoming president.

  2. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Trump had the photos given to the Post in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from his unforgivable attacks on the Khan family!

    If you look at the Post regularly, you'll see how unrelentingly it hates Hillary. There's no way this Murdoch rag would publish them for two days in a row, unless they had the explicit permission from Trump.

    And now that lunatic is claiming the general election is rigged. Obviously he now knows that he's going to lose & he wants an excuse for that, no matter how ludicrous it might be.
    It reminds of of the scene from "Citizen Kane", where Kane was running for governor, the newspaper he owns has two front page headlines & articles ready. One was that Kane wins & the other, which was used is "Fraud At Polls"!

  3. Why wait till November? Let's all vote online now and see what happens? That way we won't have to wait for the next "sucker-punch" you know is coming! The suspense is kill 'in me! Don't you always save your best-worst shot for the last? One can only hope!

  4. I almost feel sorry for Melania but she made her bed so...

  5. Shari P, I've been talking about the rape allegations since it was first written about. The fact he still has any supporters boggles my mind.

  6. I can't quite bring myself to agree that his wife should be out of bounds. One's choice of mate(s) reveals one's character. And if the Republicans are still crowing about Bill's Blowjob...

    Bitter Scribe

  7. Taking the high road on this matter, I did indeed click to view this celebration of the human body as art, but it inspired a couple of non-political ruminations. First, I thought how much more attractive Mrs. Trump is now than the pouty teen pic displayed on the cover of the odious New York Post. Indeed, our forefathers before somewhat recent times would probably consider her rather boyish figure unappealingly scrawny. Your average Titian Venus, for instance, is a slightly portly lady with ample hips, lusty thighs, a long torso and smallish, but perky, breasts. In other words a form more closely approximating the female norm. The hand resting provocatively on the mons veneris might be said to be a classical pose.

    In conducting my research, I did come across some interesting speculations about the Trump household. It seems Mrs. Trump has been relieved of her internet privileges since her somewhat fraught venture into authorship. And 10 year old Byron, the couple's only child, occupies an entire floor of Trump Tower. One can only wonder what he will grow into.

    Back to politics, this mornings news featured the great man proudly displaying a Purple Heart (it turns out it was a copy) given him by a veteran. Should that not be sufficiently appalling to anyone who has worn the uniform to offset even the appeal of a hot wife I'm not sure what would be.

    Tom Evans

    1. I thought the kid's name was Barron.

      Bitter Scribe

  8. It is Barron. Anyway, excellent Editorial board commentary on Trump in the ST today. Has he no sense of decency,indeed.


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