Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mancow bites minister: radio host brings down Harvest Bible founder

Mancow Muller, left, being baptized
in the Jordan River by James
MacDonald (Photo courtesy of
Mancow Muller) 
      When disc jockeys and pastors clash, usually it is the radio personality who gets the worst of it, facing outraged listeners, fleeing advertisers and summary firings from nervous station management.
     But after the self-described "wild man of Chicago radio" Mancow Muller— since last month on WLS 890 AM — took issue with his former spiritual guide James MacDonald, founder of the Harvest Bible Chapel , it was the senior pastor of the mega-church who lost his job, officials of the 12,000 member church with seven locations in the Chicago area announced "with great sadness" Wednesday.
     MacDonald had said he was taking an "indefinite sabbatical from all preaching and leadership” in mid-January.
     “I am grieved that people I love have been hurt by me in ways they felt they could not express to me directly and have not been able to resolve,” he said in a statement.
     "I'm upset that I was duped by a con man," said Muller, who wrote a 2,200 word condemnation in the Daily Herald at the end of January against the man who baptized him in the River Jordan. He said how once MacDonald "taught me forgiveness, trust, being authentic and taking a stand for what's right," but that Muller later came to see "an environment of thievery, and a smarmy actor out front, a guy who ... was brutal to everyone he thought was subservient."
     On Tuesday, Muller referred to the largely conservative, largely Republican church as "the cult that's called Harvest" on his radio show, demanding it refund money to the faithful, and encouraged listeners to join a class action lawsuit that he said he was starting.
What has MacDonald actually done to cause him to be let go?

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  1. All I can say about mancow and this Macdonald fellow is: birds of a feather... I occasionally listen to Rush because it cracks me up to hear him rant, but Muller? No redeeming value whatsoever. Radio charlatan

  2. At first, I took "bite" literally. I wouldn't put it past him.

  3. For benefit of any others whose life experience or imagination prevents them from deciphering the redaction "p—k" in the full column: according to, it's "prick". They give it as "pr*ck" but even I can spell it out from there.

  4. Hopefully, Harvest will go bankrupt & be forced to sell the Scottish Rite Cathedral they bought a few years ago from the Masons.

  5. Always wondered what happened to Mancow. Or why someone would call himself that.


  6. Mancow and evangelical megachurches.
    two things i care nothing about.

  7. Currently reading Michael Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis who quotes:
    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.
    -Samuel Johnson

  8. My wife has a few Bible-thumpers in her extended family, and we've attended a few weddings and funerals at megachurches. Overall, not a pleasant experience. Megachurches creep me out, and my wife feels the same way.

    I have always found the morning radio gasbags to be obnoxious and annoying, and a very unpleasant way to greet the new day. Mostly, they are a lot of noise and unamusing hot air. Sound and fury that signifies nothing.

    The morning radio smart-asses have always jangled my nerves, but maybe that's just me. I'm usually rather cranky when I awaken, so it's always been either classical music or jazz (smooth or cool) in the morning. If neither are available, there's only one alternative--radio silence. No sounds whatsoever, and no static at all. Some folks may choose morning TV over morning radio, but I've found that to be sheer torture.


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