Sunday, August 11, 2019

Hungry Bird

     There is a parable here, somewhere, trying to get out.
     A parable about how we can be trapped by our hungers, if we aren't careful. And are unlucky.
      The top fell off of the bird feeder. I'm not sure how. I must not have  attached it securely—lately I've been refilling it a lot, every day. The birds are hungry, and crowd around the feeder. Maybe it rattled off.
      Or maybe this small bird, unable to push past its bigger fellow birds and grab a few morsels, pried it off, and plunged inside. Doubtful though.
      Either way, a mix of appetite and misfortune. The bird fell, or, worse, hopped in. Then couldn't get out. 
      That happens. 
      But his luck changed.
      Heading to pick up some Thai food—hungry myself—I noticed the empty bird feeder. Then as I approached to fill it, saw the trapped bird, looking somewhere between indignant and  aghast at why he, of all the many hungry birds, found himself in this predicament. My heart went out to him: been there, buddy. 
      I studied the situation, then slowly removed the feeder from the iron hook and set it gently on its side upon the grass. The bird, sensing his chance, zoomed out of the feeder and onto a bush, without a backward glance of thanks. Beyond offering a reminder that the same indifferent fate that traps us can also set us free, if we are patient. And lucky enough to get a little help.  


  1. That bird is America, which has gotten itself into something it may not be able to get out of, unless someone along and rescues it . But who? I have one of those blue "Almost anyone else in 2020" hats. I haven't worn it very much. Could the bird be freed and then be faced with something even worse? Anything is possible now. Had our current mess been predicted five years ago, that prognosticator would have either been laughed out of town or put aboard a rubber bus.

    1. Griz -- I believe the metaphor involves the bird eating it's way to the bottom.

    2. I don't know if the book I am reading would be called predictive The book is called Democracy Inc by Sheldon Wolin. It was published in 2008 and what he was writing about then is true today. Here are a couple of articles that mentions Wolin and what he was writing about. The explain much better than I can. Basically his theory is we are living under a system of inverted totalitarianism. I think the book is worth reading. You can also read it for free. file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/epdf.pub_democracy-incorporated-managed-democracy-and-the-s%20(1).pdf Amazingly enough he tosses off a one sentence mention of Trump.

    3. You could say this country has become one big Greedfest...and has eaten its way to the bottom. And what was at the bottom of the feeder? The big orange bottom-feeder, of course. If we don't escape from him next year, we're toast.

  2. I just wonder if he'll be back, or if he'll avoid your feeder as a potential deathtrap.

  3. Have you ever seen "Strange Brew?"
    Maybe the bird was born in there and you are just noticing!


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