Friday, August 30, 2019

Latest Trump move on border wall is straight out of Hell

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     Almost any reaction to the daily doings of the unhinged, untruthful, craven, cruel, possibly insane, probably criminal, confirmed fraud we call our president can be justified at this point, from simmering outrage to protective indifference.
     And heck, I should add that unyielding enthusiasm is a common reaction that can also be justified — because you can rationalize anything. I hear every day from readers who believe passionately that Donald J. Trump is the best president the United States has ever had or could ever have, particularly when compared to the infamous criminal regime of Osama bin Obama.
     You think I’m joking? Let’s reach down and hook an email wriggling in today’s Spam filter.
     “It seems that people with morals are the underdogs these days,” Vicki Falsey writes to me and half the Sun-Times masthead. “So all the people that voted for Trump and love him don’t have a voice. Since Trump has gotten in office, your paper has been writing these disrespectful articles about the president. I cannot imagine anyone ever writing anything this ignorant about the worst president to ever be in office, Obama. Just so you know, Obama was the worst thing to happen to our country. He brought it down. Insurance will never be affordable again for the working class people. But, no one and I mean no one disrespected him. You would have lost your jobs if you said anything negative against Obama and his wife. Yet everyday, you mock and insult the president. You should be fired.”
     There’s more, but you get the point. And no, I didn’t argue with her. To what purpose?
     So to recap: many reactions to our leader, across a broad spectrum. That said, I believe my personal reaction to Wednesday’s jaw-dropper must be unique.
     The news: that Trump is so desperate to have a few miles of new border wall by election time, as a sop to his xenophobic base, he ordered aides to seize private property (“Take the land,” he said), skirt environmental concerns, and not to fret about any crimes they might commit (“Don’t worry, I’ll pardon you,” he told them).

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  1. I have two words for those who believe Trump will pardon them if they get caught breaking the law: Michael Cohen. If anyone thinks Trump has any minuscule bit of loyalty to anyone but himself, they're dumber than he is.

    The election is 15 months away, and I'm already starting to get sick to my stomach at the thought of him being reelected. I want him out of office, but believe that a failed impeachment effort will give him strength. Think of Easter (for those who believe): the investigation of Trump in the House will be Good Friday. Trump will carry the cross while people beat, ridicule and scourge him. His exoneration by the Senate will be Easter Sunday: he will rise from the dead, bathed in white light screaming NO COLLUSION! SEE, I'M INNOCENT! and we'll be stuck with him for another four years. He's done more harm in 2-1/2 years than I ever believed possible. I really cannot imagine 8 years of Trump. I'm grateful that I'm old and probably won't be around for a second Trump term.

    The 22 Democrats running absolutely must unite and stand behind the eventual candidate. People can't stay home and pout on election day because their choice didn't get the nomination. If they do, he'll win.

    1. It really isn't necessary to impeach him. But the House should start an investigation and just lay the fact out there. And they should televise the hearings.

    2. Any examples of the "harm" done versus the harm you expected?

  2. I was in the car listening to the radio when this was first reported. I literally slammed on the brakes and shook my head in disbelief.
    I have a feeling he will float another "joke" soon in order to gauge the reaction. "I declare myself King Donald. Divinely chosen ruler of the United States of Trumpland"

  3. I respect your ability to coherently respond to this orange buffoon and his minions. I find myself reaching a permanent state of surly when dealing with them.

  4. Trump's base rapidly degenerated into a full-blown cult. There is no substantive core to the man and his policies. They're not original. They're not particularly useful. But they do serve to check off a myriad of wish-list items for Republicans, seized with total disregard for collateral damage and unintended consequences - the hallmark of anyone shielded for their entire lives from any consequences to the decisions they make. Fascism works the same in every country.


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